Always read the label
Friday January 06th 2012, 11:58 pm
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Picked up the hubby’s new prescription at the drug store. He got home, looked at it, did a doubletake and went, wait–that’s not the… then he read the super-fine print I hadn’t even seen.

Written in the very tiniest letters used only for that, there it was: wrong home address. Right name, wrong person, wrong med. And of course the place was closed by now. Who knows if the other guy came in too? If he did, he didn’t notice in time for the pharmacy to call us; I really hope he reads his prescription bottle and doesn’t just take something that may be very wrong for him. Egads.

Puts a new twist on the old Sandra Boynton birthday card: HIIPA birdies, two you’s.

Meantime, I finally got that hat mailed today and took pictures of it with my new Iphone. I love that the phone offers instructions as you go when it’s new, and I wonder if it keeps doing that after you’ve gone through those steps a few times?

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Gads!! Sorry ’bout that. Not a problem I’ve ever had, although the Mr.’s name is common enough…

Comment by Channon 01.07.12 @ 7:44 am

YIKES indeed! makes me glad that our pharmacy always asks for the birth date too — hope you get that all straightened up pronto!!

Comment by Bev 01.07.12 @ 9:41 am

Good grief! Classic case of ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’. Or as somebody said, look out for the fine print; you won’t like it.

I presume by this time the pharmacy has been notified.

Comment by Don Meyer 01.07.12 @ 11:01 am

That is scary. Good thing you read the fine print!

Comment by melanie 01.08.12 @ 12:55 am

I try to ask “Mrs Jones?” they say yes, then I say “On Herchmer crescent?” and they say yes. And then it’s Mrs Smith on main st, they weren’t listening. I do the address thing after a tech at one location gave Mr. Dixon a prescription meant for Mr. Dickson…..

Comment by Carol 01.15.12 @ 7:55 pm

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