Just for tonight: no news-Texas
Tuesday November 22nd 2011, 12:06 am
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Heard last Wednesday at baggage claim, a mother to her young son: “Our suitcases are fixin’ to come out.”

Culture shock, right there in plane sight.

We are home. Jet lagged and exhausted and so very glad we went. And hey, you know how to make major progress on a UFO? Put it in your carryon and sit in the bulkhead for your tall husband’s knees, where you can’t get at your bag except for the ziploc you grabbed out right before he put it overhead. And have that fasten seatbelts light mostly stay on.

Size 4 and squinting at slippery silk laceweight on a turbulent flight, but knitting slowly and carefully and having only a few Oh NO! moments, I got eight rows  of 460 or so stitches done. (Nine?)

Late. G’night.

(Or almost. Waiting for the house to get above 57 first.)

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Went to a Leon Redbone concert on Sunday. Ended up talking to the university president (well, he was standing there, I was talking to his wife – another special education person.) She told me they had gone to visit grandchildren in El Paso and “it was a whole different world there!” I gently informed them my granddad came from where he called “Oklabyg-dhoma.” The man choked. His wife rolled her eyes. Overall very worth it.

Comment by afton 11.22.11 @ 4:57 am

Welcome home!! I finished the back to my Kid Seta cardi Sunday on the way to Fairfax… I did learn in Gainesville that even on bamboo needles, one shouldn’t knit with laceweight going over railroad tracks.

Comment by Channon 11.22.11 @ 7:43 am

glad you had a great trip — we’re headed off this week to visit with Mr Cute

Comment by Bev 11.22.11 @ 9:36 am

We will get as far as Los Gatos. Glad you had a good trip.

Comment by Don Meyer 11.22.11 @ 9:58 am

Do you say spigot or water faucet, bubbler or water fountain, drinking fountain,soda or pop, or even Coke(Dr.Pepper,please), Wash or worsh, seems like every state has it’s pecularities.Makes life interesting,but you know you are in trouble when a southern woman says “Well bless there little hearts). Time to Duck and cover.

Comment by Kris 11.22.11 @ 5:19 pm

It is good, probably critical, for all of us to get culture shocked once in a while, just to realize that everyone isn’t just like us.

Good job making good use of flight time!

Comment by twinsetellen 11.25.11 @ 7:07 am

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