Peaceful Sunday
Sunday October 23rd 2011, 11:35 pm
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With a cute Parker picture thrown in for fun.

Four hours of knitting today and my daughter’s phlebotomist‘s cashmere is done. I can’t wait for her to get it! It was a doodle as I went along, which means it got ripped back a few times, but worth every stitch and re-stitch–I am very pleased with it.

Which means that, switching to larger needles and different yarn to go easy on my hands, knowing just who I wanted the next one to be for, I cast on another one right away: so, let’s see, how would this pattern come out if I tried it this way…

Meantime, the female Cooper’s hawk put in an appearance. She watched me watching her for quite some time, gorgeous, and I was glad I hadn’t missed the moment–but then clearly she decided, enough of that; she did a strong hop to a higher branch where she would be out of my line of sight.

It’s a smart bird that can tell I can’t see her when she can still see part of me, but those Cooper’s are amazing. I will never forget the time her mate was walking around the patio, looking for the finch he knew he’d heard hit the window but not finding it.

He looked at me, he looked at where I was pointing at the backside of a box blocking his view, he turned and hopped towards me and around the box, and there you go, dinner is served! ‘Kthanksbye!

But I thwarted his more antsy mate today, getting down on the floor so I could see further up with the awning less in the way now.

Well all right then. She stayed put while keeping note of a family of crows flying in single file two backyards away; one crow is no match for a big hawk, but. I noted that they stayed just outside, as far as I can tell, her defended territory.

Then finally she saw what she wanted, and clearly, it was on the roof: she swooped silently down so as not to tip off the prey, then, tilting around in a tight circle that reminded this new grandma of a little kid playing airplane, swooped back up again and shot across the roof and out of sight.

Till next time!

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Parker is such a happy guy… love those photos!

Congrats on finishing the cashmere. I finished my alpaca shrug too, but it needs blocking and … maybe tonight. Maybe.

Comment by Channon 10.24.11 @ 6:26 am

Buttons! I remember years of my now-at-uni daughter saying “I want to press the button” when we had to ask a bus to stop, cross the street, go up the elevator…. Ah the years of button magic ahead for Parker.

The news of the red-tailed hawk in your area that’s recovering from the nail gun shot has made international reports here. Brits love their feathered friends and I’m sure the thoughts of outrage are joined by silent utterances of thanks that the hawk is being well cared for.

Comment by LynnM 10.24.11 @ 7:34 am

The daughter and I are gathering information on the birds in our area for feeding this winter, you have sparked an interest here, The pictures of Parker are precious. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Kris 10.24.11 @ 8:45 am

Love the pic of Parker!
I was just wondering — do you live in an aviary?

Comment by Don Meyer 10.24.11 @ 8:54 am

oh, he’s so adorable!

glad the knitting went well — seems like that took you no time at all

Comment by Bev 10.24.11 @ 9:06 am

I was reading about the hawk that was nailed with a nail gun–the pointlessness and the outrage. But Yahoo, in it’s artificial wisdom, had an add in the sidebar offering to sell me nail guns!

Comment by LauraN 10.24.11 @ 9:07 am

Ah…ever busy hands over there means stuff gets finished! Good for you, and good for the recipient, too. 🙂

Comment by Ruth 10.24.11 @ 10:14 am

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