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Thursday September 15th 2011, 10:46 pm
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So I was talking to someone at Purlescence tonight who used to work for a major bank, and she told me that every time they did an upgrade, a few accounts somewhere got totally messed over.

That made me feel better because at least it made sense. Not that it happens at all, but that it had clearly happened to us.

Ours did a major upgrade just yesterday, as it turns out; I found that out when I tried to log in today, tried again, tried again, got a Contact Us message only, and finally gave up and called the number.

I got told the unbelievably-bad-PR line that I had to have my husband vouch for me, either on the phone or in person, that I had his permission to use our joint account.

Wait, *what!?*

I said we had had that account for 15 years, not to mention it was a community property state. Besides, all I wanted to do–but that I really really wanted to do for now–was to transfer my son his college tuition money.

The woman on the line took care of that for me but told me I needed to come in in person with proof of my social security number: the one I was giving her was not accepted.

They’d clearly assigned me a random string of numbers to replace mine and that’s all their computer would take. I still don’t even know what it was, since I couldn’t see it. They did the same thing to the login ID.

I went in, glad we had a local branch. Not what I’d planned to do with my day, but glad that I’m mobile, at least, so that I could do it. I told the woman who ushered me over the first thing I’d been told on the phone, and she exclaimed an indignant, “WHAT?!”

Got that one on my side!

She could not fix it. She tried again. She called over to her manager for help. She said I would get a confirmation email of my new password, and she called our son to get his okay, but apologized that it would have to be followed up with a signed form he would have to turn right around in the mail for me to be able to put money in his account.

Twist his arm.

Hours later.

There is still no confirmation email.

The email they said they sent Richard yesterday informing us of the changes never materialized.

Neither of us can get in.

They have all our money and we have zero access. I imagine that could cause some excitement at the state regulator level if it’s not fixed fast.

And the kicker?  I was going to get to the post office afterwards to mail in two hats and a few good warm sweaters for Vermont flood relief. I was at that bank so long the post office would have been closed before I could get there. I was afraid I would be spending a lot of time watching someone staring at their computer screen (and I did) at that bank, so, looking at my shawl project and going, no way, I grabbed yarn and needles and headed out the door. I needed something small, portable, and mindless.

I cast on while she stared at her screen. I continued at Purlescence, in between holding and playing with babies and knitters.

…And there will now be a third hat going out to Vermont, again knit from Judy Sumner’s giant merino/silk hank. And I am finally admitting to myself that I felt all along like there had to be at least three with the same yarn in all of them or I would feel quite disappointed later. Another person needed one like that, someone somewhere out there, known to God.

And that’s far more important than any silly computer nonsense. But it took the computer nonsense to get me to put aside what I thought I wanted to do and sit down and start it. It had felt compelling but I had ignored the feeling–it is such a relief to watch it coming to be after all!

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Oh man, banks… Sorry to hear you were the unlucky ones in the upgrade, I hope it gets fixed very soon.

My bank once went down, right on our regular groceries day. Couldn’t get cash out of the machine, couldn’t pay with the card, couldn’t get anything at the counter, and we did not have any cash on us (being poor students). It was very frustrating, so you have my sympathy. We were lucky the problem was resolved after a few hours, when their computer system was fixed. Computers were supposed to make our lives easier?

Comment by tinebeest 09.15.11 @ 11:26 pm

Just don’t die. It was surprisingly hard to change the name on the utilities after my father-in-law died. Nobody insisted on talking to him in person, but some of them came pretty close.

Comment by LauraN 09.16.11 @ 6:09 am

My parents have used the same bank for 47 years and they still put my father through hell and back when he tries to deposit and cash my mother’s SS check!

Comment by Jody 09.16.11 @ 6:17 am

That’s why we still bank with UVA Credit Union, which I first began doing business with when they absorbed the City CU, MANY years ago. They aren’t perfect either, but being locally owned, they skip a few levels of crazy mess.

Comment by Channon 09.16.11 @ 7:03 am

Banks are evil, pure and simple!

Comment by Abby 09.16.11 @ 7:56 am

I would be FURIOUS if they pulled that stunt on me! I suspect I would put on quite a show (as if that would get me anywhere, but at least they’d know where I stood.

Comment by Don Meyer 09.16.11 @ 9:07 am

“But what is your maiden name?”
“That is my maiden name.”
“Then what is your married name?”
“My married name IS my married name. I didn’t change it.”
“So, what is your maiden name?”

Repeat endlessly.

Comment by Afton 09.16.11 @ 10:05 am

I love my credit union, We haven’t had any problems with them. Knock on wood, cross your fingers.My luck it would happen now, after I praised them.

Comment by kristy phipps 09.16.11 @ 12:54 pm

not only the banks but the credit unions too — we still have an account in a California credit union because my husband’s retirement money from his employer out there goes in it — the last time I called to talk to them I got a similar run around — unfortunately I can’t just drop over to a local branch — GRRRRRRR!

Comment by Bev 09.16.11 @ 5:10 pm

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