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Monday September 26th 2011, 11:30 pm
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I had an errand to run. It didn’t even walk, much less run (sorry, Cheryl, hopefully tomorrow). I was glad instead for large swaths that can no longer be inflamed.  It was a good day for putting up my feet and knitting, 5985 stitches’ worth.

I have a shawl that I made a few years ago that was different from anything else I’d done, in a way that I wasn’t sure at first I liked; it simply was different, that’s all. I threw it in a ziploc, I threw it in a corner, I didn’t remember what I hadn’t written down and my notes were a total mishmash that I guess made sense at the time. Sort of. I guess it was one of those I’ll get back to it that, till now, I didn’t.

I started it again last Wednesday night. I got the first 20″ worth figured out, written down, tested, knit, and the last of that part done today. It all came out exactly right and written down exactly so now. I am very pleased.

But what was in my notes after that point had no connection to reality–clearly, I’d tried it, chucked it, and riffed. I puzzled over the original while thinking, this shouldn’t be so hard; can we defuzz the brain a bit here? At least I hadn’t let myself give the thing away, knowing somewhere down deep that it was the only representative I had of what, now, I think is a really cool idea.

I took a break, I answered some email, and that’s when it hit me–I knew suddenly how I’d done what I’d done. I grabbed the older shawl again, grateful for its wooly presence, and after swatching, checking, writing, knitting, checking, correcting, knitting knitting knitting–

–I’ve got it. I wanted to enough finally that finally I’ve got it. I am terribly pleased with myself and with it. I can’t wait till the day I get to show Lisa Souza what her sapphire baby alpaca laceweight is now.

Another 5985 stitches and I’ll be casting off.

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5,985? Wow. I’m pretty sure I can’t count that high.

Comment by Channon 09.27.11 @ 7:06 am

Just be glad it isn’t another 6,000 stitches. Pic?

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 09.27.11 @ 7:13 am

Ah, Parker pics! Made my day.

Comment by Don Meyer 09.27.11 @ 9:23 am

11,990 stitches — oh wow — I’ve been known to keep track of progress, but never down to the number of stitches — I’m very impressed!

Comment by Bev 09.27.11 @ 10:26 am

Oh, sorry, what did you say? I was slightly distracted by that sweet, cute baby! LOL!

Comment by Jody 09.27.11 @ 11:49 am

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but I’m glad to learn sapphires can work magic when you needed a day of rest and to let your mind wander a bit. Hope you’re feeling lots better.

Comment by DebbieR 09.27.11 @ 12:50 pm

It is so hard to follow the thread of the post when you put all those pictures of Parker along the side, you know.

Please don’t stop doing it. 🙂

Comment by twinsetellen 09.27.11 @ 8:51 pm

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