But the hats definitely have to get there
Thursday September 22nd 2011, 11:02 pm
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With a random August picture of Parker thrown in.

There were maybe three times today all day when a small random flock–finches, towhees, titmice, juncos–flew in and grabbed a snack, quick, and scrambled out of sight.

It was very odd to have it so still out there. Even the squirrels barely showed, and when they did their behavior was very subdued: Don’t squirt me bro!

I didn’t see the hawks, but I have no doubt they were seeing me.

I had things to get done. Two packages to get off, one with the four hats going off to Vermont for flood relief, a card tucked inside each with a quick note of what yarns it was made of, who dyed the one from Vermont, and that Judy Sumner had given me it; I wanted to convey a sense of we’re all in this thing together. (I tucked in a few soft sweaters, too.) And this time I insured it.  Because…

I went home after talking to the postal clerk and found an actual place on the USPS website where I could send a message saying, this is the tracking number, this is the date sent, and a Kid Seta and cashmere Rabbit Tracks scarf in red disappeared after Aug 30 on its way to Germany to a recently-retired Army vet who served in Afghanistan. (I wanted them to feel a sense of responsibility to honor one who has given and served much; I certainly do.)

I went to Purlescence tonight, got to see Jasmin and Gigi and a whole bunch of people and talk and listen and soak in the yarny essence of everything and just in case, looked and found a pretty close match on the Kid Seta. I’ve got more of the laceweight cashmere. But the hesitance was in the thought, if I don’t buy it the original will show up, right? Just a little more hope a little longer.

At one point, Kay walked around the room handing out copies of Piecework Magazine’s new Knitting Traditions issue. We were all thumbing through it, reading it, admiring things in it, when Kay, who had by then sat down and was doing likewise, exclaimed suddenly, “Ohmygosh! That’s Ruth!” (She may have said “Ruth’s” with me missing the s.)

Wait, what? I didn’t see any pictures of…

Sandi (sitting on floor, left and front) came over and apologized for having forgotten to tell her it was in there:  Ava Coleman had an article in there on christening gowns, and as an example showed the beautiful lace gown she had knit for her granddaughter.

Ava happens to be Sandi’s mom (correction and thank you Kathy: her former mother-in-law–I knew that… It’s just that she’s the only mom to Sandi I’ve ever known, and they’re such a natural fit of caring, talented, knitterly people.)

Now I got it: that wasn’t someone’s following the same pattern as… That WAS Ruth’s!

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I had a scary experience with my local PO too. A box of 40 or 50 scarves and shawls that we knitted for “Scarves from the Heart” had not been put into the system at my local PO and so my “Track and Confirm” never showed up! Two weeks of waiting and biting my nails.Luckily, the package finally showed up where it was supposed to be.

Comment by Jody 09.23.11 @ 4:06 am

I sent a daughter a package , she lives Austin Texas, For Christmas, I didn’t insured but had a notification sent when it was delivered, she didn’t get it, She didn’t get the package till February, The mail room in apartment complex forgot to give the noticed. She finally received after I started something new for her.

Comment by kristy phipps 09.23.11 @ 4:25 am

Thank you again for remembering my fellow Vermonters who are struggling with all the damage the flooding cause earlier this month. (Note: The House just turned down disaster aid for us.)

Knitting Traditions is my favorite magazine. I haven’t yet purchased this latest issue but I will and will look for the christening set.

Comment by Joansie 09.23.11 @ 6:07 am

Actually, Ava is Sandi’s former MIL, but Ruth, of course, is Ruth!

Crossing my fingers that all packages reach their intended destinations, intermediate and final.

Comment by Kathy in San Jose 09.23.11 @ 7:01 am

And a good time was had by all.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 09.23.11 @ 7:40 am

sounds like you’ve been busy!

Comment by Bev 09.23.11 @ 8:28 am

Any picture of Parker is not random!

There probably was not much animal activity yesterday because it was too HOT!

Comment by Don Meyer 09.23.11 @ 9:14 am

Definitely worth it to make sure that things are not lost in the mail.

Isn’t it funny to see a friends’ work featured in a magazine? Somehow it’s so easy to forget that they all come from designers local to somewhere. A few members of my last weavers’ guild had pieces highlighted, and it was always a little surreal to see them in print.

Comment by Erica 09.24.11 @ 4:31 pm

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