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Monday August 15th 2011, 10:15 pm
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You may remember this from a few weeks ago. There was one more reason that I didn’t say there why I was so angry at them.

I was still angry the next day. This had to stop. It felt imperative that I take that stress and put it on the shoulders where it belonged so that actual changes for the better could happen, and so I googled, found the name of the chief medical officer, printed out my words from that blog post and slapped a Forever stamp on it and felt, walking away from my mailbox, like the world had been lifted off me.

But before I put it out there, I dithered, I thought, I decided that, no, they need to know; I didn’t put in any details, hey, let them go look it up. I’m sure they did.

I added that a medical error there had widowed G years before.

I did not say a stunning, egregious error that made me gasp out loud when I heard what they’d done–that any reasonable person, medical background or not, would too.

They weren’t going to take my friend G away from me too.

G got a phone call from that chief medical officer: an abject apology and a concern for her well-being and a promise to look into their procedures. Then, “I got a call from Sacramento!” G laughed; she told me of her initial confusion at being told a grievance had been filed. She knew she hadn’t.

“No, it was filed on your behalf,” they said, and she told me, “I knew instantly who had done it.” She thanked me, wondering out loud if she shouldn’t have done so herself.

But she’s a nice person who doesn’t like to complain.

I’m a nice person who doesn’t like to complain.

But I sure can if my friends need me to stick up for them. It was so necessary.  She told them that day that she had not just me but two other people lined up in advance in case there was any problem, but they would have none of it. She was bullied that day.

And I was paying it forward for all of you who bombarded Caremark when they refused to process my Humira prescription with life in the balance two years ago; thank you forever for that.

“They all came back clear!” All the biopsies. All the worry.  And now she is finally free to go ahead and have the other surgery that will make her well.

At Kaiser.

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Thank you for speaking up for your friend. We need to care for each other. And let’s hope the CMO will make sure all goes well for her surgery as well. I’ll keep her in my thoughts.

Comment by DebbieR 08.15.11 @ 10:40 pm

You done good!

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 08.16.11 @ 7:49 am

in some cases you CAN fight city hall! good for you!!

Comment by Bev 08.16.11 @ 8:36 am

Hooray! Good news all around. Sometimes we need a champion. Thanks for stepping up.

Comment by Channon 08.16.11 @ 8:40 am

So glad you had the “chutzpah” to do what needed to be done! If more people spoke up they might be more inclined to “dirtft” (do it right the first time).

Comment by Jody 08.16.11 @ 8:42 am

No, I don’t like to complain, either, but sometimes it is necessary. As in that case. As Amalie used to say, “You don’t ask, you don’t get!”

Comment by Don Meyer 08.16.11 @ 9:31 am

And I think it’s always a good idea to go straight to the top when you have a legitimate complaint.

Comment by Abby 08.16.11 @ 9:59 am

I’m glad it turned out as it did, and you are a formidable champion!

Now, just tell your friend to completely forget the soup served to helpless patients. The soup is inedible. Really.

Comment by Patricia Day 08.16.11 @ 12:35 pm

I am so glad it all came back clear for her! One of the scary things about our current situation is no health insurance, and not long enough to apply and receive state health care.

Comment by Diana Troldahl 08.16.11 @ 2:58 pm

It is so easy to go to bat for a dear friend, really. You done good! And I’ll give Kaiser credit for a quick response on this.

Comment by twinsetellen 08.16.11 @ 4:41 pm

I missed that other post and.. ARGH! My blood pressure went up reading that! Thank you for complaining – you did an important thing. Their idiot policy could cost someone their life and is completely counter to any principle of good service or healthcare.

Glad to hear G will be OK.

Comment by Lene 08.17.11 @ 4:05 pm

Yay for the power of the word into the right ear! Wonderful that there was a response and it sounds as if it might be the right one. Whew. (Oh, indeed, I do remember that incident.)

Comment by sjanova 08.17.11 @ 5:11 pm

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