Headed that-a-way
Thursday July 21st 2011, 10:31 pm
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The nurse, same nurse (oh good) as during the surgery brought me back into the exam room and said she was the one who was going to take out the stitches. Or rather stitch.

Only one? I asked, wondering at all the black thread I’d tried to see in the mirror on the top of my head back there.

Only one.

I stopped her a moment first and pulled out a red gift bag.

She’d seen this process before, she knew what that meant. She was delighted, disbelieving–and then, “Can I look…?”

Well, yeah!

She looked and her grin got even bigger: “Oh, I LOVE that color!”

And then we got down to business. There was a fair bit of work snipping, tugging carefully, a number of tiny pieces of strong thread coming out bit by bit, making me a bit of a redhead in the process.

So it’s true.

I’ve been frogged.

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One of the benefits of being up this early is that sometimes I am the first to comment. (You and your other friends may not perceive that to be a benefit, however.) Thank you for the first good snicker of the day, Mme. Grenouille!

Comment by Lynn 07.22.11 @ 4:15 am

That made me laugh!

Comment by Jody 07.22.11 @ 5:05 am

It takes a lot to make me laugh, this early and pre-coffee – but you managed to do it! 🙂

Comment by (formerly) no-blog-rachel 07.22.11 @ 5:48 am

my stitches were easier – a running stitch, just pulled right out. More like a provisional cast on…

Comment by Sandra 07.22.11 @ 6:49 am

Ta-dum-de-dum. (My attempt at that comedy show drum sound that follows a ringer…) Frogged. Love your sense of humor!!

Comment by Channon 07.22.11 @ 7:13 am

No more gook? That is good news. Now, enjoy the weekend.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 07.22.11 @ 7:50 am

frogged indeed — love this! from the amount of tugging and clipping you described it must have been a loopy Bouclé yarn!!

the hat is wonderful

Comment by Bev 07.22.11 @ 8:38 am

All that for one stitch. Amazing! Glad it’s over.

Comment by Don Meyer 07.22.11 @ 9:07 am

Hehehehe! Yep. Made me giggle. 25 years ago I took 2 stitches out of a sleeping 2 year-old’s lip. He’d been so very scared by the emergency surgery and begged me not to take him back. It took me about 20 minutes, working slowly so as to not wake him. We can laugh now.

Comment by DebbieR 07.22.11 @ 10:26 am

Wasn’t that the hat from Frog Tree yarn?! Very apropos if so!

Comment by RobinH 07.22.11 @ 12:09 pm

snort! Good one!!

Comment by Lene 07.22.11 @ 8:38 pm

Does this mean you’re un-RAV-eled?

Comment by Ruth 07.22.11 @ 11:16 pm

MUCH better than unraveling on your own :-}

Comment by Diana Troldahl 07.24.11 @ 2:54 pm

What goes around, comes around . . .

Comment by Patricia Day 07.25.11 @ 10:50 am

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