Going on a dye-it?
Friday July 15th 2011, 11:43 pm
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Friday’s DrGreene.com post is here, the story of the young dad with the screaming toddler. I’ve always loved how that one played out; I wonder how they are now. That would have been back when I was dyeing my hair, the only reason I shopped there, which would make her maybe ten by now.

Give her a few years and maybe she’ll go for the purple dye over thataway. The most harmless thing a kid can do to rebel is with their hair, and whatever they may look like for awhile, it grows patiently naturally back on its own time.

Speaking of which, with this vasoline in the scar thing going on, the Spaceman Spiff look? Totally nailed it.

(Eleven rows of 448 stitches today, an ice session in the middle, and I finished it! The shawl is blocking.)

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My “little wild woman” called me yesterday. Somehow those little ones just make everything better.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 07.16.11 @ 7:34 am

Haha… Your sense of humor is such a gift.

So. What’s next on the needles?

Comment by Channon 07.16.11 @ 7:45 am

nearly 5000 stitches in one day is mind boggling!!

you are right about the hair — my daughter colored hers several different colors when she was in college and in the end she came home one weekend and I helped her return it to something close to her natural color so it could grow out — and how could I complain about it — I colored mine for years too!

our best “hair” story, though, was when she was about 4 1/2 — the babysitter called me at work telling me that she had cut her hair, worried that I would be angry — I just laughed and said “I wondered when she’d do that — every kid does!” totally amazed the sitter

Comment by Bev 07.16.11 @ 7:50 am

Re the Dr. Greene posting: You’ll just have to recognize and accept it, Alison. That’s the kind of person you are, and I cannot imagine you doing otherwise.

Does your hair really look like Calvin’s?

Comment by Don Meyer 07.16.11 @ 8:53 am

The night before her wedding, my daughter’s flower girl chopped off her hair. I just laughed out loud–honest! It’s exactly what my daughter might have done. (Me, too!) We wove flowers into it and nobody was the wiser.

Comment by Abby 07.16.11 @ 9:59 am

id rather my kid experimented with hair colour and length rather than tattoos and drugs. hair grows. a tattoo is a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

Comment by Tola 07.16.11 @ 10:20 am

For one moment you had me thinking “a scalp scar of 11 rows and 448 stiches” …………. and then I realised: “no, you’ve grown out of punk fashion”!

Comment by Mike Irwin 07.16.11 @ 10:42 am

It is only hair. My darling daughter had her amazing head of hair buzzed twice while she was in middle school. I thought she rocked that look, and without all that hair to distract, one could really appreciate the shape of her eyes and eyebrows. (What? Me? Prejudiced?)
It totally freaked out the relatives, though. “Geegee! Vay deed you let her do dis? She look ahglee!”
Shaving isn’t bad, it grows back, but when she had her curl straightened, I cried. Grew back curly, so we are ok.
It really freaked me out, when she had her hair bleached. Once she put pink dye on it, I was ok, it was her again.
Now she is sporting a Lady Hawk, a nod to mohawks. Or dinosaurs, when she spikes it.

Comment by Gigi 07.16.11 @ 12:46 pm

Spaceman Spiff!! I love him. What mom doesn’t? Glad you are all OK

Comment by laura 07.16.11 @ 9:31 pm

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