Monday June 27th 2011, 10:07 pm
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I bet you Sue knows what I’m going to write about tonight.

1. But before I get there, I knitted a little Camelspin on the side today in a sudden hurry to get that done yesterday.

2. Nope, no phone call today from the doctor, or at least not while I was home, and no messages were left while I was out foraging for chocolate.

3. My daughter had a co-worker who, last Friday, was having a horrible, rotten, no-good-I-think-I’ll-move-to-Australia kind of day. (That’s the refrain on most of the pages of a certain children’s book–just to make that clear since one person who’s going to be reading this has a loved one who *did* move to Australia and who clearly has turned out very nicely for it.)

4. So I offered to bake a chocolate torte for them. (Here’s the recipe.)

5. Tomorrow is that person’s birthday, it turns out.

6. Well then!

and, 7, since I always make two of them, and since today’s our anniversary, and since Michelle can’t eat dairy, I substituted hazelnut oil for the butter, coming about two tbl short out of two cups needed for two cakes–close enough. We’ll call it the low fat version. I can’t begin to tell you how heavenly it smells.

8. Richard and I are home now from going out to dinner so we might go cut into that second cake if I stop typing a moment.

9. We went to the restaurant where Sue works, hoping to see her; for those of you who’ve read “Wrapped in Comfort,” (still available at Purlescence) it’s the first story, and yes, that Sue. Nope, they said, wrong night, not here, sorry.

10. On our way out I explained to our waitress why I’d so hoped to see her: how, when we moved here we came here a lot while on a per diem the first month, and how 20 years later she still remembered what my then-small kids had liked to eat. She loved my kids and we all adored her.

11. At that point, a different waitress exclaimed, “She’s here now!” Sue and her husband had decided to beat the heat and go out for dinner too, coming to this really great place they happened to know really well.

12. Hugs, love, intro to her husband, and then Sue told him that our kids were the best ever. “Some kids in restaurants, you know, but yours were always perfectly behaved.”

13. They were just shy of 1, 3, and 5 at the time; I don’t remember them being perfectly behaved. But I do remember them as being perfectly loved around her. Every parent of a small child needs some other adult who feels their kids are adorable: it helps the children and it helps the parents, too, to all rise to the occasion.

Sue was there. Our occasion got even happier. She laughed to her husband about my four year old who liked lobster. (It was a moving-expense per diem, the corporation didn’t care in the least what she ordered as long as it was below $25. Come to think of it, four-year-olds ordering lobster several times a week because they miss New Hampshire would be memorable.)

14. Happy anniversary, Richard! With no skunks this time.

(If that one of the three budding amaryllises turns out to be white, I’ll know it was the one Sue dropped off at Purlescence for me back when I was sick. Thank you, Sue!)

Love you, Richard!

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Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple. Thank you for your wonderful stories!

Comment by Cathy 06.28.11 @ 12:34 am

That person’s birthday is Tau day. Think of that when cutting the cake.

Comment by LynnM 06.28.11 @ 4:58 am

Happy anniversary!!!! Oscar and I are celebrating our 10th year of marriage this year. A good time for all these changes :-}

Comment by Diana Troldahl 06.28.11 @ 6:08 am

Happy everything! So much to celebrate in there…

Comment by Channon 06.28.11 @ 7:44 am

I’ve just finished reading the last couple days of your blog. It occurs to me that the reason your wait for the biopsy report is taking so long is that the news is good. They only rush to give you test results when they’re bad! And congratulations on your anniversary and the chance to savor a life well-lived with the one you love!

Comment by shadylady1216 06.28.11 @ 8:04 am

I think shadylady1216 is right — no new is good news!

glad you and Richard had a good anniversary

Comment by bev 06.28.11 @ 8:26 am

“Alexander…Very Bad Day” is one of our favorite children’s books of all times. Even now, with my kids in their 40s and 50s, we still understand each other when we threaten to move to Australia!

Comment by Abby 06.28.11 @ 8:32 am

That’s right — no news is good news, and as they guy who was about to be hanged said, no noose is good noose.

Comment by Don Meyer 06.28.11 @ 11:49 am

Happy anniversary!

p.s. love the photo of that torte. Every time I see it, I drool.

Comment by Lene 06.28.11 @ 4:11 pm

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