I needed that like a hole in my head
Tuesday June 21st 2011, 5:03 pm
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A mole, been on the back of my face about eight years now, and suddenly last week there was a small second one behind it, same color.

Oh come ON. Just because my child has melanoma doesn’t mean…

Wait a minute… I dabbed my finger under the tap to get a little water on it, scrubbed at the spot and looked in the mirror again.

A splash of hot cocoa. That’s all it was.

The dermatologist laughed today when I told her that–classic, classic, and she told me she’d had a few patients she’d seen for similar reasons, as she checked out the rapidly growing lump in my scalp that had been a barely-there pinprick around, oh, I dunno, maybe December when we first noticed it? I assumed it was a lupus lesion and had asked to make sure, then after the rheumatologist ignored it I did too.

Richard’s been bugging me. Being married to a very tall man can really come in handy.

“Oh yes. It is,” then she immediately reassured me she was very sure it was just basal; cut it out and it will all be gone.

She had gotten my note yesterday about my daughter and my head and had immediately cleared a path to see and biopsy me today. Results next week. She will call me and we will set a time for my Mohs surgery–so, yes. I have skin cancer too.

p.s. The final pathology report came in today for my Sam: they did indeed get all hers. No chemo. Done. To quote her, “I will, of course, have to be monitored the rest of my life but that’s a small price to pay for having a life to live.”

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Praying you will be healed.

Comment by Jody 06.21.11 @ 6:33 pm

Childbirth words. Once that’s out of my system, prayers.

Comment by Lynn 06.21.11 @ 7:20 pm


Comment by (formerly) no-blog-rachel 06.21.11 @ 8:27 pm

Your family needs a new hobby. (Besides collecting large numbers of weird medical issues. You’ve got quite the collection–but collecting art is more fun.)

Comment by LauraN 06.21.11 @ 8:28 pm

Oh, my. The gratitude over Sam’s report is more than making up for concern over a basal skin cancer, but still, enough is enough! Give Richard an extra hug for bugging you.

Comment by twinsetellen 06.21.11 @ 8:38 pm

Hooray for the good news for you and Sam!

Great story about the hot cocoa. I never would have thought of it as a dangerous drink 🙂

Comment by tinebeest 06.21.11 @ 9:44 pm

Oh, that is not what I expected to read, but thank goodness for Richard bugging you and your good doctor. More healing wishes for all of you.

Comment by DebbieR 06.21.11 @ 9:59 pm

Yay and Amen! for Sam. Good for Hubby Dearest bugging you, too. However, I don’t quite see why you thought you need another hole in your head…

Comment by Ruth 06.21.11 @ 11:57 pm

You are a person of grate fortitude! Glad that Sam is OK.

Comment by Henya 06.22.11 @ 12:55 am

Prayers for both you and Sam……God Bless !

Comment by lorraine 06.22.11 @ 4:58 am

:: love ::

Comment by Liz U 06.22.11 @ 6:19 am

Hooray for early enough detection and seeming coincidences…

Comment by Channon 06.22.11 @ 6:27 am

Hugs around. Some for everyone. Thanks, Richard.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 06.22.11 @ 7:17 am

Good Grief, Did you pray for patients, cause we get troubles when we do, the Lord gives us nothing we can’t handle , but you have had more than your share! Prayers have been sent.

Comment by kristy phipps 06.22.11 @ 7:19 am

grand news about your daughter! we’ll continue to pray for the same for you

seems it never rains but it pours

Comment by bev 06.22.11 @ 8:22 am

You have been through much worse and will get through this just fine with all of our prayers.

Comment by Joansie 06.22.11 @ 10:18 am

Oh, good grief! Enough, awready! You don’t need that like another hole in your head! And thank Heaven for Richard who spotted it.

Now quit splashing in hot cocoa!

Comment by Don Meyer 06.22.11 @ 11:15 am

That’s wonderful news about Sam! What a relief for all of you (and I’m glad that you’re taking care of yours, too!!).

Comment by Jocelyn 06.22.11 @ 5:44 pm

I look away from your blog for one stinkin’ minute and blammo! Thank goodness we are Facebook friends!

Ok, ok, I am back and paying attention!! Now all can be well – you know it was just a test because I was slacking, right?

Seriously though, all prayers are being said (as well as praises for Sam’s good news!) for you chalking this up to another medical issue conquered! And… my dear avid gardener, maternal grandmother had skin cancer back in the late 70s, early 80s and she made it thru just fine, like your Sam, so I have faith it will all work out peachy 🙂

Knit on, dear friend!

Comment by Cathy 06.22.11 @ 8:14 pm

Did I tell you years ago my daughter had a cancerous lesion removed from her scalp? We knew when she was a baby that the birthmark would turn cancerous–first benign and then malignant and they are usually removed in the second decade of life, and right on schedule we saw the first change. NHS has long waiting lists but with a combination of private and NHS treatment it was handled quickly, and was benign. With her atypical nevi, she’s also going to need to stay vigilant, too. Hope your waiting isn’t too agonizing. (Sorry I didn’t have time to post earlier.)

Comment by LynnM 06.23.11 @ 10:45 am

{{{{MASSIVE but gentle HUGS}}}}

Comment by Diana Troldahl 06.23.11 @ 11:10 am

I’ve been followed for about 20 years because I had an aggressive form of breast cancer. It’s comforting to know that someone competent is checking closely. My doctor and I are in this together.

Comment by RobinM 06.25.11 @ 4:01 am

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