Condors and kids
Saturday June 25th 2011, 10:39 pm
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The qiviut is humming along nicely now. It’s hard to put it down.

Meantime, there’s been a lack of Parker pictures because I nearly killed off my aging computer trying to take on a lot of them, so this is a cell phone shot: Parker, six months now, and his two-month-old cousin, Kim’s sister’s daughter. It tickles me no end: every kid should have a cousin their own age, and these two are going to grow up close by each other.

On the wildlife front, two days ago there was a sudden flipping the lights off and on behind me and then again in front of me, all in a near-instant as I looked out at the backyard–only, it was bright midday: it was the sun, the windows blocked as wide wings flew over the house. Wow.

The headline in the paper the next morning was all about five juvenile California Condors, the oldest being five, maturation at six, seen partying together on Mount Hamilton in San Jose the day before; the story talked about how they can fly 150 miles in a day, etc.

I’m assuming the shadow was from my Zone-tailed hawk I’ve seen before, which is certainly big enough, given that it can reach the entire keyboard on my piano and then a bit. But it’s so cool knowing there were five (!) Condors so close by, where none had been in a hundred years, shooting the breeze, swapping eagle stories and those parental puppets?–nah, never fooled me a second, you? Nah… Well yeah, I thought he was condor funny looking, myself.

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I love that picture – they could be twins separated at birth (by 4 months!). Close cousins are a wonderful thing, indeed. As are close condors.

Comment by twinsetellen 06.26.11 @ 7:20 am

FIVE! oh wow — so awesome, and evidence that when we want to we can undo the environmental damage we have created

and what cute babies those are — my grandson doesn’t have any close cousins, but my daughter has a friend with a little boy who is 4 months older than my grandson and they have a great time together — sometimes family is what we make up in relationships formed even without the blood line!

Comment by bev 06.26.11 @ 7:47 am

my son’s cousin is five months younger – the dads are brothers – and at the cottage we call them Frick and Frack. I’m dating myself with that reference…

Comment by Sandra 06.26.11 @ 9:00 am

Yeah, twins separated by 4 months. They even sleep at the same time!

I saw that story about the Condors, and was amazed. Good grief, they are homely birds!

Comment by Don Meyer 06.26.11 @ 10:11 am

Cousins are wonderful–my cousins and I all laugh at the same things. And I have three little great-granddaughters all born in the same year, and won’t they have fun growing up!

Comment by Abby 06.26.11 @ 5:44 pm

Cousins have a special bond. Condors and hawks are sort of cousins, too, aren’t they?

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 06.26.11 @ 7:25 pm

Love that Parker has a “close cousin”. I have ONE, and 40+ years later, we’re still close.

Comment by Channon 06.27.11 @ 8:42 am

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