A Cooper’s when you need him
Wednesday June 29th 2011, 11:05 pm
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Some knitting’s been getting done.

An appleblossom amaryllis spent the day opening in slow motion–almost there. In June!

Pain at the news: some of the peregrine falcons nesting towards the north end of the Bay had abruptly disappeared. And we finally knew.

Two had been shot. They are in a rescue center and there is some hope they may make it; whether they can ever be released again is in question, though.

When that word went out yesterday, word came in today that a third had been found shot as well.  Someone had found it, called his local wildlife rescue, got no answer, didn’t wait, put it in his car and headed for the bird rescue center at UC Davis over two hours away, trying to save it. That peregrine didn’t survive. He apparently didn’t know about the falcon groups tracking the birds nor whom else to call till he saw the fliers asking for information in the neighborhood they were all found in.

This was devastating, but especially to those who’d spent their lives bringing that species back from the edge of extinction and who so rejoiced at every successful fledging.

Thank goodness for people who step up and do the right thing.  That man in Oakland tried. I’m sure he didn’t know it would mean anything to anybody but him at the time he did it, but his good impulse offers comfort when it is needed by many.

I was brooding over the new senseless casualty when I decided to put down the computer and just go and sit and knit. The birds at the feeder scattered, as they often do when I stand up, and I barely noticed but for the wren checking over its shoulder before diving for cover; I reached my perch at the couch and was about to sit down when–

–there he was. He flew in to the back of the dolly, which is behind that couch through the window, right there from where I was. My moving around had not scared him away from landing.

My bird. My big wild bird is okay. As if he’d wanted me to know that.

I will never cease to catch my breath at the sight of that beautiful, living, curious, intelligent hawk.

(Edited days later: I am sorry to have to add that there has been some question about the veracity of the report to the peregrine group about a third one having been found and its attempted rescue. There is a third one missing and its fate unknown, although, not all the ones out there are banded and personally known to us.)

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I think we will have to start calling you the Birdmom of Alcatraz? I have zero problem with legal hunting [by sober hunters] of birds which make good eating. I am appalled at the selfishness and wastefulness of someone who would shoot a peregrine. Not to mention three of them. Truly, a birdbrained idea. So glad that your big guy checked in with a “Hi, Mom!”

Comment by Lynn 06.30.11 @ 3:18 am

I can not understand what goes on in the head of someone that would do such a thing (much like I don’t understand why “fans” riot when their teams loose — or win!) it’s so sad

glad to hear the birds in your little kingdom are doing well

Comment by bev 06.30.11 @ 6:29 am

As if??! No coincidences. HE wanted you to know…

Comment by Channon 06.30.11 @ 6:42 am

I think you and Coop (so I think of him) must share an emotional connection. He’s there for you when you need encouragement. As for the idiot who shot the hawks, well, I am a great believer in what goes around, comes around. I’d like to think it is jail rather than a bullet.

Comment by Patricia Day 06.30.11 @ 7:27 am

Soulmates know.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 06.30.11 @ 7:29 am

I am sickened that anyone would shoot peregrine falcons. Maybe they would enjoy someone taking potshots at THEM!

Comment by Don Meyer 06.30.11 @ 7:10 pm

I am so sorry to hear about the peregrines. There is such ugliness in the world. The comfort to me is that those ugly marks would not stand out so much if it weren’t for the lovely light that surrounds them.

Comment by Diana Troldahl 07.01.11 @ 8:16 am

I like it better when the shadows are cast by Coop, not by some sad person with a gun.

Comment by twinsetellen 07.01.11 @ 7:10 pm

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