Dry humor
Thursday May 05th 2011, 10:23 pm
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Laceweight (the darker turquoise blue) dries fast. This is a good thing.

I finished at 1:00 pm. Spun the shawl out in the washer (no spraying water) to speed it up, laid it out, about two hours later set out another white sheet and picked the shawl back up and laid it out over there now so the first, now damp sheet wouldn’t slow down the process. A hair dryer was tried and given up on.

They laughed tonight when I added, “So I didn’t turn on the air conditioning on a hot day to speed up the process.”

The lace pattern is a play on the recipient’s name, and since she enjoys the occasional bit of bird news, it looks to me like a flock of birds in flight.

When I was desperately ill two years ago, the folks at Purlescence gifted me with two skeins of Mooi buffalo blend as a mind-blowingly-nice get-well wish in that basket they delivered to our doorstep, full of other things too from various knitting friends pitching in to the cause. Being able to sit up and knit again was a dream at the time, but I have to tell you, it really did give me something to hold onto and look forward to: I couldn’t let them down. And that Mooi was such soft stuff.  What I would make with it someday, I did not know yet, but I knew I would.

One of the Purlescence women was in the hospital last week. You know I finally knew exactly who that yarn was meant to be for all this time–it had just needed the right time.

Delivered. Done. She loved it. YES!

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You know, the Dutch word “mooi” means beautiful. I bet you made a beautiful shawl with it.

Comment by Harma 05.06.11 @ 12:53 am

Love it when a plan comes together.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 05.06.11 @ 7:53 am

I had a friend who would say “every piece to the right person at the right time” — fits this perfectly

I’ve been considering putting my lace in my salad spinner to pull out some of the water — think that will work?

Comment by Bev 05.06.11 @ 8:36 am

Seems like a recurring theme — the right material for the right person. ‘Way to go!

Comment by Don Meyer 05.06.11 @ 9:02 am

And we are SO glad to hear about you knitting :-}

Comment by Diana Troldahl 05.06.11 @ 11:43 am

Ah, lovely. But do be careful to avoid over-use of the hands, you know. Oh, and I’ve used the washing machine to spin dry lace (sometimes in a fine lingerie bag, too). Not sure about a salad spinner. I recently gave ours to my niece since I hadn’t used it in years and then thought about it for small knit projects instead of the washing machine. Oh well.

If I pin something out inside, I have been known to set a fan blowing on it to assist drying speed. That helps without requiring the addition of air conditioning.

The last time I pinned out lace (a couple of weeks ago), it was outside and it dried before I got the pinning done right so I had to spray it down to re-wet it. It was pretty warm out that day. (Yes, I remember about avoiding sunlight.)

Comment by sjanova 05.06.11 @ 1:48 pm

“Every piece to the right person at the right time” – heck, I thought you’d invented that.

How about “what goes around, comes around”?

Comment by twinsetellen 05.06.11 @ 5:04 pm

Hooray! I know it did your heart good.

Comment by Channon 05.07.11 @ 9:17 am

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