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Thursday May 12th 2011, 11:03 pm
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Funco the Jinch/hybrid stopped by again several times today. Cute little bird! Energetic and spunky and fun to watch: there is no fear in him, only the necessary prudence.

Meantime, Michelle from the other room heard a Rubbermaid box thwacking against the door of the closet as it tumbled down at me and called out, Are you okay, Mom?

I was just starting: going through boxes, taking out yarns, assessing yarns, you stay, you go, you maybe, I debated, I consulted. Old plans vs new.  Not quiiiiite the right shade… If I haven’t been inspired enough to use it or overdye it in how long and it still doesn’t call to me? Well then? (Being able to buy yarn in person at the store has its definite advantages over online sometimes.)

And yet. A cone of 35/35/30 cashmere/silk/merino from got hanked and scoured in hot soapy water in happy anticipation–their yarn with all the mill oils still in is a lot of extra work but the price had been sufficient inducement to get past that. Definitely. I’ve used it before; it is luminously soft. Dry, dry! I want to play!

Some cashmere/merino that I’d plied years ago on my wheel from infinitely thin up to a workable yarn finally hit its reality check: I was still never going to use this one. Wrong color and too dark to overdye–it’s going where it needs to, out.

I was in hyper-busy mode without an actual project to make me sit down and hold still and catch my breath. Organize, choose… Hamsterball time, where you can’t make yourself stop running and bumping into things.

I needed my knit night. I took two balls of yarn and two pairs of needles and decided I’d let them duke it out once I got there–I still hadn’t granted myself time to think out what I was actually going to start making right now today.

It was so nice to just sit down at Purlescence and decompress. For once, the group was very small; it was easy to hear. Perfect.

The Dive’. Their soft merino won, because there was only enough of it to knit it simply while I listened. A hat is in progress. The fingers did the walking while the knitters did the talking.

And hey, there’s one last cone of that 35/35/30. Don’t look at the clock, I could go hank it up right now… (Stop!)

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I think it is seasonal.In fall, we stock up; in spring, we clean out and get rid of.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 05.13.11 @ 7:25 am

Hmmm. Every now and then I look at my desk (it’s under there somewhere) and think that I’ve really got to do some cleaning. Oh, later. And finally sit down there, get with it, and it feels so good when I can find the desktop again.

Comment by Don Meyer 05.13.11 @ 8:47 am

I have a cone of Colourmart merino waiting to become a Rose of England when I get the time. It’s so hard to resist when their prices are so reasonable and the yarns so beautiful . . .

Comment by Lanafactrix 05.13.11 @ 9:36 am

Heh. A touch of startitis perhaps? I;m not sure what the cure is 🙂

Comment by Carol 05.13.11 @ 5:57 pm

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