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Saturday April 09th 2011, 9:58 pm
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(I mentioned the other day that the Elephant Ear had a trunk that reminded me of snakeskins. I didn’t realize till I saw the photo that there was a knocked-over amaryllis pot (yours, Lene) behind it.)

Angela Tennant’s generosity inspired several hours of knitting-to-go here this afternoon. Note that Angela didn’t get an email notifying her of her win, no time to think what the right thing to do might be, she got a phone call out of the blue from the CEO of XRX and she just instantly offered the gift of the famous afghan to Sue, straight from the heart.  There is a Jewish proverb that says he who saves one person saves the whole world. Yes!

I’d needed that bit of bliss as fortification before the fray.

I’d started before my flu bout and my inner child was whining, Aren’t we *there* yet?

So. Turbotax wanted to know how many weeks of the year my daycare operated under the name “book royalty.” Whoa, back up, what wrong click was that? Daycare? You insist it’s in a rental? I should state the oil revenue from it? Riiight. Okay, have to hit just the right pop-up box here and not there–got it, at last! Book it, Dano.

And now my printer is wishing me many happy returns of the day.  (I’m DONE!!!) I finally don’t have to feel like that pointy-faced squirrel I’ve named Ratnose.  It kept jumping at the feeder from the redwood awning pole (and it was chewing on the pole, too–this will not do), so a few days ago I covered its leaping-off point with aluminum foil and, on second thought, sprayed it with Pam.

I picked up my needles and kept an eye out.

E-YOW! Sliiiiiiide *whoosh!*

Hey, that was fun, can we do it again?

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I am glad your “daycare” is doing so well that TurboTax is recognizing it. I know this is a load off your shoulders.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 04.10.11 @ 6:38 am

Congrats! I hope to have similar news in a day or three…

Daycare. Cute. Guess TurboTax has a sense of humor too?

Comment by Channon 04.10.11 @ 7:55 am

well, I didn’t use any software, did my usual thing sent them all off back in January and this week got two envelopes in the mail — one telling me that I owe social security tax on my self employment income and one saying I might be eligible for an earned income credit — say what?! both of these never happened before and I still haven’t figured out why either of these, but I’ve written the check and filled in the paperwork


now, are you running a daycare for Ratnose and the hawks?

Comment by Bev 04.10.11 @ 9:06 am

A greased pole! Great idea. Maybe you could sell it to Great America. Great visual of the squirrel sliding down the pole. Now properly greased, just pop it in a pan …

Comment by Don Meyer 04.10.11 @ 9:58 am

Leave it to you to make a playground for your furry visitors!

Also, just getting caught up after a flurry of work this week – the whole raffle winner story of Angela is so inspiring and does indeed speak volumes of the kind of people my many knitter friends are! I pray for Sue and hope that the treatment is successful in finally curing her cancer.

Comment by Cathy 04.10.11 @ 10:17 pm

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