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Monday March 21st 2011, 8:18 pm
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If you haven’t discovered her yet, I highly recommend Sharon Randall: her writing, and, simply, her. Her column used to run in our paper, and for years, till it fell apart, I kept a particular one on our whiteboard. (I had a description of it up but it didn’t at all do it justice so I’m deleting it.)

Her columns continue on her website, and I just thought I’d mention. I love that she’s got a first grandson just a little older than mine.

Oh, and as for Richard catching my germs? Apparently they gave him a one-night scam.

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It’s so much fun when babies start to discover that they can control their own faces, so they do!

Comment by lauraN 03.22.11 @ 2:20 am

Unfortunately, I cannot add her URL to Google Reader. Do you keep up with her column manually? (In which case I am in trouble?)

Comment by Lynn 03.22.11 @ 4:15 am

I love Parker’s smile!

Comment by Jody 03.22.11 @ 6:00 am

I can see why you like Sharon Randall. Is the column you kept for so long somewhere on her site?

Comment by Julia 03.22.11 @ 7:33 am

Parker is TRYING? I think he’s doing a pretty good job of it.

Comment by Don Meyer 03.22.11 @ 9:02 am

Thanks for reminding me aobut Sharon Randall! Hope you’re feeling better.

Comment by robinm 03.22.11 @ 10:22 am

He is very, very cute!

Comment by henya 03.22.11 @ 4:07 pm

I’m so glad Richard wasn’t ill long. And now let’s get you all better, too.

That is a fabulous photo of the little guy. He is getting spunky!

Comment by twinsetellen 03.22.11 @ 6:25 pm

Yes! Sharon’s in my paper, once a week. I always enjoy her writing. Which one was your all-time favorite?

Hope you are feeling much, much better. And no more fainty-faints.

Comment by DebbieR 03.22.11 @ 7:03 pm

I got so lost reading Sharon Randall’s blog last night after I read your recommendation!

I hope you’re feeling a little better. Is this how you’re reacting to spring this year? High temps are not recommended!!!

Comment by sjanova 03.23.11 @ 9:26 am

I have just emailed the link to the column about the Diet Coke to three addicts — one of whom was going to climb a ladder barefoot, in her ratty nightshirt, with a shower cap for protection, in a rainstorm, to check a leaky roof. All that stopped her was my saying, “What am I going to tell the paramedics?”

I have bookmarked the site, and will have to do it at home, because I’m still laughing and I’m supposed to be working.

Comment by Patricia Day 03.23.11 @ 11:12 am

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