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Wednesday March 30th 2011, 9:41 pm
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At least I got a small shawl project finished while I waited for them to be done and gone. I have to put the word “plumber” in the post here just so next time I do a blogsearch to see how long it’s been, I’ll be able to find it.

Why I was pouring water over my hands over the azaleas in the dark a few minutes ago, to get the sticky off my hands after scooping ice cream, because boy did the evening call for ice cream:

We’re going to need to install a new toilet, ma’am, I’m so sorry. In the morning. We’re going to have to come back. We broke the toilet.

You broke. The toilet.

Yes, ma’am, I’m SO sorry.

So… (After their two hours of work) are the other ones usable now?

No, ma’am, I don’t think so.

(Just covering all my bases here.) So can I take a shower in the morning?

No,  ma’am, I don’t think so. (He probably wanted to scream in frustration, Are you CRAZY? There’s a hole in the floor! But I hadn’t seen that yet.) But my boss, he’s the one who came last time, he’ll be over first thing in the morning any time you want him to come. Um… Are you good friends with your neighbors?

I winced as I guffawed and he groveled, I’m so sorry, ma’am!

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Oh my word… You have my sympathy. That must be your worst nightmare come true (except for the one about being eaten by a giant spider, but you get my drift). I’d offer you my bathroom, but it’s a bit far (even though I am now closer than usual in Honolulu). So. Are you good friends with your neighbours? You soon will be…

Comment by tinebeest 03.30.11 @ 10:18 pm

My bathroom is your bathroom. The flight here and back may make it more of a p.i.t.a. though 😉

Hoping the boss who arrives in the morning possesses a magic wand!

Comment by Cathy 03.30.11 @ 11:41 pm

It’s a good thing you said hi to your neighbor the other day! You know, the one who said you looked great…

Comment by Jody 03.31.11 @ 12:20 am

You may have read how Northern Ireland had a cold snap last winter which left much of the province without a reliable water supply due to pipes freezing and bursting. We weren’t too badly affected but it still wasn’t fun. Poor you. And lets hope those plumbers don’t charge you for the time it takes to fix the job they botched (get ready to contest that inflated bill!)

Comment by LynnM 03.31.11 @ 12:57 am

What Jody said. It’s that, or Wet Wipe City. Just sayin’.

Comment by Lynn 03.31.11 @ 4:35 am

I can’t even think of something funny or witty to say.
Where is the nearest motel?

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 03.31.11 @ 7:02 am

oh my — this does not sound like a good thing at all!

hope they get in there and get it finished pronto (and dare I ask — just how did they “break” the toilet?!)

Comment by Bev 03.31.11 @ 7:52 am

Oops, he says. Sigh. Here’s hoping the boss was at least on time and has things in hand for a quick repair. How are things going with the neighbor?

Comment by sjanova 03.31.11 @ 7:55 am

Oh, you poor thing! The same thing happened to me about 3 years ago while my daughter and grandkids were visiting. The landlord, who also owns a hotel, would not agree to let us stay at his hotel for free till his men could repair my toilet. I hope you manage ok.

Comment by Joansie 03.31.11 @ 8:23 am

Oh no. That’s all rather horrible! So… how goes it this morning?

Comment by Channon 03.31.11 @ 8:24 am

Well, you may use our bathroom. How do they break a toilet? I presume they pay for a new one — low flow, of course. Good grief!

Comment by Don Meyer 03.31.11 @ 9:05 am

I don’t really want to know the details, but my sympathies. Truly.

I don’t like dealing with plumbers. I’m never at my best when I have to talk to a plumber, because I’ve either driven for a half hour to get to my sister’s place for, er, relief BEFORE talking to him, and the traffic was gruesome, or I was waiting to GET to my sisters, and relief was nowhere in sight, and I get the smell-good plumber who wouldn’t fix the damned thing but instead insisted on an estimate for replumbing the entire house! (Sorry. Deep breath.)

I hope you don’t have to pay for that toilet. Really!

Comment by Patricia Day 03.31.11 @ 11:26 am

Thank heavens , we are friends with our local plumber, (he and my hubby play trumpet in our community band), hubby knows basic plumbing, we replaced one of our toilets just recently, and I had to fix the constant running one.I hope you have a all night gas station nearby, and the rest of your pipes were working (the Kitchen).

Comment by kristy phipps 03.31.11 @ 11:48 am

Ooh. That is too bad.

But better the toilet broken than you. I like the idea of a motel for the night, if it is in the budget.

Comment by twinsetellen 03.31.11 @ 8:00 pm

Uh-oh. So sorry. A few years ago we had to pull out the toilet for a leak. And let the underflooring dry. For three days. Only one bathroom. I feel your frustration. Although I didn’t have all the water turned off. So very sorry. Hope it’s all better by now.

Comment by DebbieR 03.31.11 @ 9:10 pm

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