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Wednesday March 02nd 2011, 10:04 pm
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Merino wool takes up dye more quickly than silk does, making it easy, in the case of my Filatura di Crosa “Wave” yarn, to have a heathered effect come out of the dyebath: two fibers that have been through the mill and share differences and similarities from the experience.

Soft but closely knit and strong and warm. It seemed perfect for her. A braid of a cable around the brim, the stitches picked up and then more braids working their way up: Fisherman’s Wharf and sailors’ ropes, even the yarn itself named to match the power of the ocean reaching halfway around her district. I liked it.

It was Jackie Speier’s hat, and I didn’t get it finished in time to mail with the Senators’ yesterday but I did do those last few rows today. I emailed her office a heads-up as to who I was and what I was up to, said I was going to put it in the mail, and then looked around her site for where to send it.

Hey. I thought it surely would have been San Francisco. It was closer in–a trek, and getting towards 3:00 rush hour soon, but certainly doable.

I called.

I got this male voice stopping me as I tried to introduce myself, going, Wait. Run that by me again? What?

Gradually, I got to hear his voice sounding happier and happier as he heard me explain the Warm Hats Not Hot Heads concept and why it was important to me that Jackie Speier get one of those hats.

He seemed a little more hesitant though when I chirped brightly, Great! Then if you don’t mind I’ll hop in my car in a few minutes and bring it over.

Thick clouds at home became a cloudburst the further north I drove. A slightly soggy-looking (red-tailed?) hawk perched on a signpole over the freeway made me laugh in surprise: always a touch of raptor, isn’t there, waiting to be seen for the noticing. Speaking of which, Clara‘s third new peregrine egg made its appearance on camera today.

Traffic was not too bad yet. The rain caught its breath a moment as I parked the car; a friendly touch, that.

I was screened downstairs and signed in.  I went up. I explained to the buzzer at the door, as before, who/what/why. A woman’s voice seemed to hesitate at first; I imagined her asking and the guy there going, oh yes, her, okay, so she did come, it’s okay.

But that’s just my guess. It’s kind of hard to lipread a doorbell for missing details.

I entered and immediately knew who it was that had been on the phone: the man on his feet now whose smile was all one could ever hope for. The glass between the staff and the waiting room was surely protective, but the woman near him quickly opened the door to the waiting area and came to me, smiling as well.

I’m not quite in Ms. Speier’s district, I quickly acknowledged to her, pulling the hat out, but I feel she represents me. She’s not one who needs the message of one of these hats like some of her colleagues do; rather, it’s that I personally needed to knit her one to thank her so much for what she does and who she is.

She asked if I were following the pipeline hearings. Ohmygoodness yes. Thank you Jackie Speier! Our very lives in this neighborhood may well depend on her firmness in holding PG&E’s feet to the fire they created.

I got to see, in my few minutes there, how much those two staff members clearly love their boss.

Which says to me all over again what a fine leader she is.

The hats. We’re at 245. Not a big jump from yesterday, but still, steady upwards progress.  Thank you, hat knitters! May every one of you come away feeling as blessed by your recipients’ responses as I did with mine today.

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Sounds like you brightened the day of those staff members, too. In their line of work, they probably need to hear more “thank you”s, which they got from you when you valued the work of their boss. They play for a good team, those two.

Comment by LynnM 03.03.11 @ 12:23 am

OH YAY! What a great story…and that you could give it to her in person!!!

Comment by Knitnana 03.03.11 @ 7:48 am

Oh, I misread? It was a staffer who received it? Still and all, wonderful reaction to our cause!

Comment by Knitnana 03.03.11 @ 7:50 am

Love it. Hats just might change the world.

Comment by Channon 03.03.11 @ 7:51 am

isn’t sad that those who work with the folks that represent us have to work in fear

here’s hoping the hat knitting will help change some of the hostility

Comment by Bev 03.03.11 @ 9:25 am

My hat’s off to you!
Wouldn’t it be great if some 245 congress people entered their hallowed halls wearing the hats!

Comment by Don Meyer 03.03.11 @ 11:09 am

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sending prayers and positive thoughts to all.

Comment by DebbieR 03.03.11 @ 12:32 pm

Great hat and a great story! And there are more hats to be counted tonight, but I got in too late. Cheers!

Comment by twinsetellen 03.03.11 @ 9:46 pm

Go Alison!

Comment by robinm 03.05.11 @ 11:11 am

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