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Friday March 18th 2011, 9:21 pm
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This morning had my Dr R’s old phrase ringing in my ears: “Progress is nonlinear.”

Uh, yeah.

Note to self: do not faint in the bathroom (nope, nothing got hurt) in the middle of changing the ileostomy dressing. Just–trust me, don’t. Richard laughed a few minutes later when he came in the room, which was exactly the comic relief I needed just then. He’s a treasure.

Meantime, my friend Teena brought more flowers, another card, homemade cookies, and some mango sherbet. I am ready for this germ to get out of here, but meantime, again, I am well taken care of and very grateful.

I’m catching up on some book reading; today, Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and I quite recommend it. Oh, and Don, you grew up in San Francisco, the video here is for you: a tornado today just off Ocean Beach! Or, more technically and in Eensy Weensy Spider terms, a waterspout.

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So glad to hear you’re getting better day by day.

Comment by Andrea 03.18.11 @ 10:25 pm

Thank goodness you didn’t bump or break anything when you fainted! One health crisis at a time. May the yumminess of the mango speed your recovery.

Comment by LynnM 03.19.11 @ 1:27 am

I swear by chicken soup, home made preferable, take it one day at a time.Maybe some feather beds in case you fall . Falling isn’t the bad part getting up and doing it again is.May angels watch over you.

Comment by kristy phipps 03.19.11 @ 5:34 am

Oh *fine*! Now I’m going to have that song stuck in my head all day at the single adult conference, and people are going to wonder why I am intermittently giggling.

Comment by Lynn 03.19.11 @ 5:51 am

Fainting in the bathroom is a really bad idea, because there’s not much space and too many hard things to hit. (Yes, I know.)

Comment by lauraN 03.19.11 @ 5:54 am

Easy does it… glad nothing got hurt and you both were able to laugh about it, or at least… you appreciated that Richard could laugh.

Comment by Channon 03.19.11 @ 6:02 am

Uh, yeah!

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 03.19.11 @ 6:44 am

Bubble wrap! That should help! LOL! And Parker’s cheeks are filling out nicely. I just want to kiss him forever and a day!

Comment by Jody 03.19.11 @ 8:11 am

my spider thanks you for that trip!

Comment by Bev 03.19.11 @ 9:08 am

First things first: I’m thinking i wanna nap. Or maybe go out and play basketball.

Next: I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m an expert about falling down, but I know what they’re like. Kristy Phipps has the right idea — chicken soup!

Finally: That was quite a waterspout. I’d heard about the warning, but I suppose it died out when it made landfall.

Comment by Don Meyer 03.19.11 @ 10:37 am

Despite the fainting, your sense of humor returning in fine form is evidence that you ARE making progress. I am hoping your nonlinear progress takes the shape of an every rising spiral, dear friend.

Comment by twinsetellen 03.19.11 @ 1:10 pm

Oh my. I am catching up on some much neglected blog reading and found this post! Yikes. Hope this finds you on the mend and able to knit and eat too. Sending the ‘get better mojo’ your way.

Comment by Carol 03.19.11 @ 1:42 pm

How about, don’t faint… period? Grrl, you sure tell good stories after the drama is past. Not much past, though.

Saw Diana yesterday. We plan to get a photo of the two of us wearing our “Peace of My Mind” shawls together. Sometime. I hadn’t seen her or Oscar in 4 months. They live just over an hour away. Something is wrong with that timing.

Do treat yourself well. You’re good at healing (if in a nonlinear fashion) and we all love you. Even if we only leave comments even less often than we see our family…


Comment by LynnH 03.20.11 @ 7:52 pm

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