Veety vitey veggie, might!
Thursday February 17th 2011, 12:28 am
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(Dad, sitting with the afghan made by my South Bay Knitters group for me.)

Thank you, everybody; so far the news has been I think as good as it could be. Abby’s dad says their family has been buoyed up by all the prayers and good thoughts coming from all sides.

And another thank you, too, to all the knitters who’ve bumped us up to 140 hats. Go knitters go!

And one another thing: the rep asked me to say thank you to my mom.

Who looked last week at how terribly constricted my diet had become after all the blockages and insisted I needed to buy a Vita Mix machine. She raved about the things she did with hers and how fast and how well you could make soup and smoothies and on and on and how much better of a job it did and how perfect it would be for someone with a damaged GI tract…

…It all sounded good till I asked her how much they cost.

Okay, that’s the end of that thought. Right there. NO.  Sorry. Ain’t happening.

We put the folks on the plane Saturday and this evening Richard and I were making a quick Costco run.

Guess what they just happened to have? Just temporarily? (No pressure.)  “Costco Road Show.” We stopped to at least find out about the things; we owed that, at least, to my mom.

The Vita Mix rep said that when he left, come Sunday, the boxes (motioning behind him) would leave too, as he put fruit and veggie combinations in his machine that should never have gone together–I thought–until he poured out samples.

For a woman who can’t tolerate fiber, for whom a dozen cooked peas nearly sent me back to the surgeon, this was incredible. Just being able to look at your everyday fresh fruits and veggies and know I could eat them again was worth it all right there, and for Richard, wanting to take good care of me, even more so. Could I get that same effect out of my blender? No, nor would I spend twenty minutes standing over the old thing every meal to make sure it didn’t walk off the counter while it tried to, fruitlessly. (Ask me how I know.)

So yeah, we bought the thing, and I’m relieved to find that we actually did get a price break to take some of the sting out of it.

I’ll still have to be very careful about fiber content even broken down even so, but still, Mom (shown holding her late mother’s crocheted wool afghan) was right.  So, on behalf of the rep: Thank you, Mom!

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Hope your mom gets a commission from the company! Maybe they’ll name her Rep of the Month.

Comment by LynnM 02.17.11 @ 1:46 am

Hooray!! I’m so glad you stopped and listened, even if just to humor your mom. I’m even happier there was a Costco advantage in the price…

Comment by Channon 02.17.11 @ 7:37 am

I love mine. Well, I loveD mine. Becky enjoys it greatly now.

Comment by afton 02.17.11 @ 7:38 am

I love my Vitamix. I got it last summer and I use it almost every day which to me makes it a good buy, despite the price. It makes some pretty fine ice cream too… 🙂

Comment by (formerly) no-blog-rachel 02.17.11 @ 8:01 am

mmmm, raspberry, carrots and apples — yummy juice

Comment by Bev 02.17.11 @ 8:57 am

Congratulations on your purchase. Maybe I can borrow it when I get my teeth extracted.

Let’s see, from grandkid to parents. Quite a handsome bunch!

Comment by Don Meyer 02.17.11 @ 10:12 am

My two year old nephew (the one who eats via stomach tube) has been doing much much better since the VitaMix entered his family’s life. It costs a lot but it is very worth it. I am so glad to hear you have more foods available to you nutritionally again. The added vitamins should help your immune system fight off colds, too!

So glad to hear your mom and husband are taking such good care of you. 🙂

Comment by Joanne 02.17.11 @ 12:16 pm

I am so glad! Those fresh tastes just can’t be replaced :-}

Comment by Diana Troldahl 02.17.11 @ 3:38 pm

congratulations! That’s wonderful.

Also wonderful about Abby.

And your parents look like the kindest people…

Comment by Lene 02.17.11 @ 8:40 pm

Sometimes a good tool is worth it.

And go check the count – 153!

Comment by twinsetellen 02.17.11 @ 9:24 pm

No matter the cost you can’t put a price on your health. Great idea and good buy.

Comment by rebecca jc 02.18.11 @ 11:04 pm

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