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Thursday January 27th 2011, 11:31 pm
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(Picture this line as the ticker tape streaming above the blog: the Warm Hats Not Hot Heads campaign has more knitters. Yay, and thank you!

And second, copies of Wrapped in Comfort are available at Purlescence at the cover price+shipping. Hey, I’m not good at this marketing thing but I have to try a little occasionally. )

Back to the blog.

To quote my sister quoting my mom on the phone today on the subject of reading: “I can abstain but I cannot be moderate.” We had a good laugh over that one because it’s so true; a good book is for getting totally immersed in. Good yarn, too, definitely.

Speaking of which–it was knit night tonight. Last week, Kaye exclaimed emphatically, “Oh *cool*!” at the pink sparkly hat that was going to someone else, turning it over and around in her hands to see how I’d made it.

Well hey, I know how to respond to that.  So I went home and knitted a second and you know whose head it stayed on the rest of this evening. That was way too fun, and there’s one more hat’s worth of that Classic Elite Intrigue;  I offered to give it back, since it was their yarn to begin with, and they just waved me away.

And even more: they handed me another bag with another murmur of You’ll know what to do with this, another explanation that this too just hadn’t worked for them personally.

And I instantly did know. I asked permission and got an Oh, perfect! in response.

Just let me catch up a little here first.  I am definitely not abstaining. But my limited number of arms and the brain cells it would take to keep track of all the multiple sets of projects they’d be holding forces me to moderate the pace at least somewhat.

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So you’re the official guidance counsellor? Any yarn that is uncooperative, difficult, or needs advice on making future plans gets sent to your office. (And some of it even gets sent to college.)

Comment by LauraN 01.28.11 @ 6:41 am

I love the caption of the picture!

Please remember to stay hydrated so that those precious brain cells of yours are up to the challenges you present to them.


Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 01.28.11 @ 9:52 am

Between your grandson and my cockatiel, my spirits are being upheld, er, helped up, or something.

Comment by Don Meyer 01.28.11 @ 2:38 pm

Oh, that is so perfect. So often I, too, can abstain but not moderate.

From the view in that picture, Parker’s wingspan is pretty big. He may be starting small, but I suspect he will get some height on him!

Comment by twinsetellen 01.28.11 @ 8:52 pm

I love that line… almost as much as analysis paralysis, my favorite new phrase!

Comment by Channon 01.31.11 @ 10:50 am

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