I know, I know, it’s snowing over there
Thursday January 20th 2011, 7:33 pm
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Love the birds along the marshlands, the name not quite as much; if the population were ever to crash, would you call it no re-egrets?

On my way to the post office today, going down a frontage road that runs alongside the Baylands, a sudden movement caught my eye and I glanced over, glad to be alone on the road.

Was it a courtship display?  There was a tall white egret, swooping over in an arc down to the water: wings stretched wide, a burst of sunlight in its feathers, it looked for all the world as if it were doing a cartwheel.


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And yesterday we got to see the light from the rising sun shoot up in the sky like a spotlight, reflected by the ice crystals in the atmosphere. Trade-offs – I’m glad you got the lovely sunlight in the feathers, but I’ll take the cold if it brings me solar pillars.

Comment by twinsetellen 01.20.11 @ 9:30 pm

On a trip to the Ding Nature Preserve on Sanibel Island, Florida a few years back, I photographed a roseate spoonbill stretching for the papparazzi and the guy next to me almost scared it away explaining to me how rare a moment it was to be able to catch that. It was exciting!

Comment by Jody 01.21.11 @ 6:37 am

Thanks for sharint your delight! I need to be reminded Spring will come! Just got back from walking the dog down the middle of the streets because we’re having yet another snowstorm. This time it’s pretty, soft, and fluffy, and Annie, our 20 lb. Shiba Ino who will be 12 in a couple of weeks, still bounces though it like a bunny. It was fun in the moment, but it’s getting old!
Carol in Concord, MA

Comment by Carol Telsey 01.21.11 @ 7:40 am

Beautiful. I haven’t seen many birds this winter… I saw one pretty cardinal while there was snow on the ground, but that’s about it.

Comment by Channon 01.21.11 @ 9:00 am

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Comment by robinm 01.21.11 @ 1:26 pm

We are having Eagle watching days here, went to Prairie du Sac and saw a Bald Eagle perched in a tree along the river bank. Just sitting there taking in the sun. I swerved slightly and DD told me to Pay attention to the road , she didn’t want to go in the brink. oops, still it’s not every day you see something like a bald eagle.

Comment by kris 01.21.11 @ 1:36 pm

Those sightings are truly magical moments!

Comment by Don Meyer 01.21.11 @ 4:46 pm

Sigh… now I miss the egrets on the Penryn River (view from our flat in Cornwall). I’m back in exile in Leiden after a month in paradise…

The snowy white egrets look like an advert for washing powder, when they search for food on the muddy riverbed by low tide. But I’ve never seen them do what you describe.

Comment by tinebeest 01.23.11 @ 12:54 am

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