Paging Kevin Bacon
Friday December 10th 2010, 8:51 pm
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First: there’s a local couple, Tuck and Patti–our family sat under the trees listening to them giving a free concert in front of City Hall once back when our kids were younger, their way, they said, of giving thanks to the community that had believed in them before they were successful.

There is nobody who plays guitar like Tuck. And Patti’s voice!

Being a dedicated Birkenstock wearer, I always got a kick out of her High Heeled Shoes blues song. And this, courtesy of my husband, is what made me think of it. Comfy looking, huh? Something to heel all that ails a body.

The other thing today:

I went to Purlescence to knit among friends, having missed them last night and being in terrible withdrawal. Not to mention, I couldn’t wait to make a delivery. Richard had helped put me up to it. (“I think they’re down that aisle, dear.” –Thanks!)

I walked in the door and handed a certain someone a wrapped present (oh good, she IS here).

She did this furtive quick glance to the sides, because clearly I was just handing one present only and only to her. She whispered, “Should I open it?”

“Yes, sure, go ahead.” (Thinking, don’t you dare not, I’ve been in too giddy an anticipation for you not to.)

The tag read: Because sometimes, that’s just the way the cooking crumbles.

Huh?  She held it down out of sight of the others, carefully working at the paper,  trying to peer through the growing crack at the seam as she gently tugged, the wrapping finally coming off for her to see–and she screamed! Threw her chair back, leaping up, just screaming with laughter, holding it up and showing it to the others and exclaiming, “This is the. BEST. EVER!!!”

Last week, she’d told us all of going out to dinner with her husband and being given a dish with so much more food than she could eat and that was just totally inundated with bacon. Ooh, bacon! And there was so much!  She took the leftovers home.

She woke up in the morning looking forward to that bacon (you know? I never did hear what the rest of the dish was. I don’t think it mattered.) She got up in just so much anticipation of walking into that kitchen downstairs for the rest of it, but her husband, who had had to leave for work earlier than her, had eaten it.

All of it.  Gone.

She told us this last week with an I-know-this-is-silly look and tone of, this was almost grounds… (for pouting, yeah, that’s it. Pouting!)

The wrapping paper fell away.  And she saw: a giant Costco package of cooked crumbled bacon.

I told her as I was walking out the shop door later and she reached to give me another hug before I left, “Best. Response. EVER!!”

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Cool! It is SO much fun to find the perfect gift, even better when they are SO not expecting it. Way to go!

Comment by DebbieR 12.10.10 @ 11:42 pm

If I want to get a certain stepson out of bed, all I have to do is start frying up some turkey bacon. The boy floats down the stairs and is sitting at the table before he’s even awake. Do they sell that stuff in the turkey version???? 🙂

Comment by afton 12.11.10 @ 4:44 am

What fun. A couple of bucks (around $10 – isn’t that what almost everything at Costco costs, $9.79 or something like that?*) is so worth the joy/laughter you brought her and all the others in the group. How many were there? Divide that cost by the number and what a bargain! Not to mention that you sure let her feel like she’d been heard the week before – laughter AND love at once, a super-bargain.

*I estimate my bill in Costco by counting items and multiplying by 10. Usually pretty close!

Comment by twinsetellen 12.11.10 @ 5:14 am

Been there done that… on the tucking away something that someone else eats first. Glad you were able to find a gift to make her chuckle!

Comment by Channon 12.11.10 @ 6:59 am

Sounds like my house, I have been looking for a bottle of cherry Dr. Pepper that I got yesterday and it’s no where to be found, I am wondering who took it? Bacon is a crucial item here in The frozen tundra, can’t have a cheese burger without bacon, too early to make one. Glad to hear you made someones day, it’s a good feeling to be able to share.

Comment by kris 12.11.10 @ 8:05 am

there is nothing quite so satisfying as giving a gift that is so adored — and it doesn’t take a lot of money always, just taking the time to know the secret desires of the person it’s intended for makes all the difference (a couple of years ago my mother gifted me with the little cardboard village my grandmother used to put out on the piano at Christmas — made one of the best Christmas presents ever for me)

I love that you put notes on the outside of the package — we do that too, and it adds so much to the “anticipation”! (and I’ve never known anyone else that does that — am I down the rabbit hole again!!??)

Comment by Bev 12.11.10 @ 9:41 am

And I suppose that’s the way the bacon crumbles, too. Reminds me of a line in a movie some years ago by Jack Lemon: “That’s the way it crumbles, cookiewise.”

Comment by Don Meyer 12.11.10 @ 11:09 am

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