He had a big piece and asked for seconds
Saturday December 04th 2010, 8:24 pm
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Let’s see, can’t find ground pecans, we’ll try this almond meal at Trader Joe’s; long as we’re here, let’s use their vanilla butter wafers to pulverize with it, a little fresh almond paste from Milk Pail, got the grade B maple syrup, and what? No organic oranges? Skip that then.

(I did a mashup between the kringle and the strudel.)

Okay, no way am I going to roll out the butter/flour layers a bajillion times. Just make a sweet roll recipe, that’ll do.

So I did that and rolled it pie-crust thin on parchment paper twice, put the filling on one layer, topped it with the second layer, pinched the edges tight, and got–

–dang. Much glorified, but.  A giant Poptart!

I think it’s time to go knit.

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Sitting here eating a leftover brownie bite. Just sayin’.

Comment by Lynn 12.04.10 @ 10:00 pm

Doubled over laughing. Can’t stop! Giant pop-tart!
Would fillo dough work?

Comment by Marian 12.04.10 @ 10:07 pm

Love the TJ’s almond meal! It makes a great substitution for 1/3 of the flour in my scone recipe. Bet that was one GOOOOD pop tart, btw.

Comment by Ruth 12.05.10 @ 12:30 am

Agreeing with Ruth: “GOOOOD”!

Comment by LynnM 12.05.10 @ 1:46 am

Still sounds good. Went to my first Trader Joe’s recently….fun!

Comment by Joansie 12.05.10 @ 6:43 am

ROFL! A giant poptart! Still, it sounds good!

Comment by Jody 12.05.10 @ 7:26 am

poptart?! with that filling it is at least a toaster strudel!!

sounds wonderful — remember that recipes like patterns sometimes require tweaking (which only means more tasting — yummm!)

Comment by Bev 12.05.10 @ 8:32 am

As Amalie used to say occasionally, “If you liked that, don’t ask for it again.”

Comment by Don Meyer 12.05.10 @ 10:44 am

LOL!! I’m sure it was the best giant pop tart ever made! I’m dying to try something you’ve made after hearing about all of it for so long. You’ve created a giant longing for quality sweets in me!!

Stay well.

Comment by Mary 12.05.10 @ 8:43 pm

Experimentation is at the heart of invention, after all–and as long as it was edible, nothing was wasted.

Comment by Lanafactrix 12.06.10 @ 12:36 pm

Maybe roll out one layer, spread the filling, then roll and bake?

Comment by Serena 12.06.10 @ 8:12 pm

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