Thursday November 18th 2010, 12:13 am
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I’m going to punt on the wordplay tonight (although, I might say that throwing out the department store ads that come with the paper like I just did before you even look at them is a Kohl-ectomy, and running them through the shredder will get you Kohl slaw) and go straight to the knitting: 15 rows today and I’m ready for the edging and into the final stretch.

6735 stitches.  And each one counts.

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I wonder if anyone has ever done a brain scan to see what part of the brain is used to make puns. Because it is clear that some brains are more developed in that part than others.

Comment by LauraN 11.18.10 @ 6:39 am

Hooray! Knit on… the end is near, and another fabulous project awaits.

Comment by Channon 11.18.10 @ 7:33 am

I love your puns! I can’t do that. I guess I don’t have the genes! I once counted the hours and stitches on an afghan which had over 240 sts to a row, 8 row pattern, 15 minutes to do one row= 2 hours per pattern and over 120 hours of work on over 110,000 stitches! You better believe I kept the thing! LOL!

Comment by Jody 11.18.10 @ 8:06 am

And I figured out that a pair of socks has as many stitches as an afghan. All with love, of course.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 11.18.10 @ 8:20 am

Kohl slaw — hmm, would that involve some sort of dressing involving mayo and honey?

I think all those stitches are getting to you — sometimes its better not to know how many there are!

can’t wait to see the finished product, however

Comment by Bev 11.18.10 @ 9:06 am

Kohl Slaw, hmmm? Sounds about right.

Comment by Don Meyer 11.18.10 @ 10:15 am

Hahahaha! Love the word-play!
When I was a young wife, I would throw the ads away every week, unless we had decided to buy something and were comparison shopping anyway.
A friend was over one Sunday as I did this, and she just looked at me, mouth agape, and asked me how I could do that before I knew if I needed anything! lol!

Comment by Pam 11.18.10 @ 10:28 am

Hey LauraN, I laughed when I saw a study and thought “Alison.”

(Still giggling about the spidergoat string cheese–couldn’t think of a cute reply.)

Comment by LynnM 11.18.10 @ 3:45 pm

Amity…having to do with friendship and peaceful harmony….so, you have a good relationship with Kohls, but only on your terms? As to the knitting..I try not think about stitch counts and hours invested…or it can hurt to much when the item isn’t loved as it should be.

Comment by Ruth 11.18.10 @ 4:56 pm

Everybody knows kohl is the black stuff you line your eyes with! hmph….

Comment by Carol 11.18.10 @ 6:06 pm

So you’re giving them the Kohld shoulder?

Comment by Lanafactrix 11.18.10 @ 6:30 pm

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