Hawkeye and Fierce
Thursday November 04th 2010, 11:00 pm
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My first pair of baby booties ever is done. They may fit the kid when he’s about two, the ends aren’t run in nor the buttons decided on, but there’s this tremendous sense of breaking past my inner barriers on knitting footwear: I did it! (If you need inspiration, look here at all these other Saartje’s. Talk about cute!)

Something caught my eye and I looked up.

Ah.  Playing field hawk-y today.  That’s why the yard’s been so empty. I thought of Smokey; nice touch, boss! It’s beautiful!

One small finch, maybe hungry enough to finally risk it for a late lunch, flitted alone onto the stained glass birdfeeder tucked far under the awning  into the porch where it’s a ten-foot-wide alcove, surrounded tightly by floor-to-ceiling glass on three sides. I was standing just inside, looking out.

That hawk watched it.

And I watched the hawk. I had never seen it go from perch to pursuit.

It spent about five minutes sizing me up, whether I would move, whether I was a threat; I was inside, yes, but visually between it and its prey.

I held still.

I kept waiting.

I finally cautiously reached for the camera. It was okay with that. I took the first shot. Okay. I opened the sliding door and hit the zoom button. Okay.

I closed the door quietly and waited.

The little house finch was on the far side from it, dipping deep into its sunflowers and could not see the hawk. The Cooper’s waited to see if it had been tipped off. No.

And then all at once, it spread its wings wide and I got to watch it do its own zooming in, a tight horseshoe manuever in that alcove, clearly aware of the walls of glass while focused on its prey. The finch, startled as this massive bird suddenly careened at it around the feeder, made a break for it and dashed for the treetops, the hawk gaining on it by sheer size of wingbeat as they were lost to view.

The birdfeeder swung wildly in their wake.

Coopers average a 31″ wingspan and their tails are long.  Watching that hawk do that maneuver in that small space at that speed right in front of me at eye level as I stood there a few feet away was something to remember forever. Wow.

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Who needs television when you’ve got this in your backyard! Mother nature never ceases to amaze me…

Comment by tinebeest 11.05.10 @ 12:52 am

Why do I have the theme song from MASH running through my head every time I look at the post title?

Congrats on the booties! You never know… he might have big feet and wear them sooner than you think.

Comment by Channon 11.05.10 @ 6:41 am

“…Painless, it makes a lot of changes…” humming along in t he background. Great hawkeye.

Comment by Barbara-Kay 11.05.10 @ 7:20 am

I assume the booties are NOT for the hawk. Those birds ARE beautiful in flight.

Comment by Don Meyer 11.05.10 @ 8:58 am

Isn’t it amazing to happen upon something like that? A close up of nature and how things happen.

Comment by LDSVenus 11.06.10 @ 12:44 pm

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