Friday November 12th 2010, 10:07 pm
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A few more thoughts on the cochlear implant.  I’ve lived through brain arguments. Once was when the brain was telling me up was in two different directions at once: the right one, noted visually and muscularly, and the other ever and forever to the left, falling. It KNEW, just KNEW… No you don’t know! Stop it!

After my car got smashed into ten years ago, I had to learn how to walk despite that inner screaming match. I still fall down when there’s too much or too unfamiliar visual stimulus throwing me off unless I can counter it with enough tactile feedback. Hence the cane. Sticks not groans will brake my bones.

And there was a short while there where I had to wear an old hearing aid and a new one with differing sound responses. It was hard not to feel irritable, sitting in church trying to listen to the speakers and music while finding my consciousness being jerked between one side incoming vs the other, unmatched and unmeshed.

So I have some background experience keeping me from rushing into the implant on one side thing. And yet… Writing yesterday’s post showed me I really have been needing to simply go ask more questions and stop hanging back from finding out more. And I need to try to find out during this open enrollment period whether it would be covered.  Some do some don’t.

I also realized, as I answered comments yesterday, that I will always be able to plug the hearing-aid side via wires I already own into an Ipod (note that I don’t quite own an Ipod yet, but that can be fixed) and listen to my music that way. It won’t be communal listening; my children will exclaim, No no that’s *quite* all right, Mom, do NOT worry about that!


It’ll all work out.

Meantime. The feeders were deserted today. I didn’t see the hawks, although one had clearly taken prey from one of them before I got up. No sign of the neighbors’ cats. I knew the wildlife is aware of far more going on than I, but it was pretty quiet out there.

So I scattered a few nut pieces outside in the afternoon, bringing me Instant Black Squirrel at last. Just one.

I’ve noticed that if a squirrel pronounces all-ee all-ee in-come free, it’s safe, the birds follow immediately. And so it was. Instant flock.

I’ve wondered about that. Is it because squirrels have a sense of smell for an extra layer of warning, which birds, flying through the clear air, don’t really need and don’t have? Do the birds watch the squirrels for tail flicks? Clearly they do.  Michelle Millar in her “The Birds and Beasts Were There” is convinced that the birds who never returned to her after the great Coyote Fire in Santa Barbara had simply died in the night, asleep and unable to see or smell the oncoming disaster.

Don’t know. I do know, when I’m willing to share a few stale nuts with a squirrel, my birds come back to me.

Meantime, (I know, I’m meandering like bird hops here) I’m picking up steam and back to knitting again. I celebrated with baby alpaca, wanting to wrap this project up before my qiviut arrives.  Knitterly FYI: I bought a skein of their arctic blend, which I’m told will be back in stock in six weeks or so, and it passed my test: yes, it is totally de-haired and very soft, as anything with qiviut in it should be, and so I ordered the 50/50 to try that out too. If you hear a delighted squeal of YES! at the doorstep, that will be me with the box.

And I will crank the music up high and knit.

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Oooooo! Qiviut! When hubby and I visited the Canadian Rockies in 2005 I got to know that heavenly fiber in all sorts of clothing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to buy any of the said clothing, but it was wonderful fun to try on the coats and sweaters and such. And as much as I would love to buy some to knit, I’m afraid it would just sit in my stash for fear of not using it wisely. LOL! Hope the hearing solution presents itself soon.

Comment by Jody 11.13.10 @ 7:38 am

Huh. We have far more squirrels than birds right at the house, but now that you mention it, I’ve NEVER seen birds if the squirrels are away – not that they ever go for long.

Comment by Channon 11.13.10 @ 8:57 am

More cochlear information won’t hurt, and pretty inexpensive. I have an ipod, and the clarity is remarkable for such a little device. I bought the iPod Shuffle, which is the least expensive, and it holds a LOT of music. And by the way, in case you hadn’t noticed, none of your kids are home with you.

Comment by Don Meyer 11.13.10 @ 11:25 am

My brain argues with me, too. Hmmm….I wonder who will win this one?

Comment by Ruth 11.13.10 @ 11:43 am

I forgot to ask – Oliver Saks – I have his remembrance of things past (not quite his autobiography) called Uncle Tungsten. You want it when I’m done reading it?

Comment by afton 11.13.10 @ 6:14 pm

I have one eye with both retina and muscle damage (detachment plus complications from surgery). Alas, it was my dominant eye and ever since, the two eyes “argue” over which one ought to be primarily seeing. My brain has picked the good eye to be dominant now, though when I’m tired, I can completely lose the ability to focus. I try not to drive at night…

Still, I’m very grateful for what I *do* have, as I know you are. I also wonder how distracting it must have been for the 6 Million Dollar Man to have one bionic eye/ear and one not 🙂

Comment by Deb 11.13.10 @ 8:50 pm

This is going to sound strange, coming from the daughter of an eye, ear, nose & throat surgeon, who pioneered stapies repair/replacement techniques 35 years ago.

He’d approve of what I’m about to say:
Get as close to what you need as you can – with with as little surgical interference as possible.

Comment by Gaby 11.14.10 @ 8:55 am

“And I will crank the music up high and knit”

heh, this makes me think of my daughter and I and the amazing roll reversal — I, having been a teenager in the 60’s, have a tendency to really turn up the music — it was my daughter (who has very keen hearing and almost perfect pitch) who would walk into the room and say “turn the music down”!

Comment by Bev 11.14.10 @ 9:25 am

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