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Friday October 22nd 2010, 11:33 pm
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Got back late from an evening out, so this will be quick. We picked up a friend and gave her a ride, and she directed us over a small bridge to get to the freeway from her home.  Houses on this side, apartment buildings over there, the freeway and a large retail complex, a swanky hotel, etc etc right over thataway. We are talking city.

She happened to mention that her neighbor had seen a full-grown mountain lion sandbathing in the dry creekbed there.

Well now there goes the neighborhood.

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Wow! Better keep your wool stash safe, apparently they hunt sheep too. (I doubt they use the fleece for spinning and knitting, but you never know when they’ll become urbane)

Comment by tinebeest 10.23.10 @ 12:03 am

Actually, wool smells like mama cat – my meezers love it. Beware!

Comment by Barbara-Kay 10.23.10 @ 5:02 am

It’s tragic for all species when wildlife takes to the more human-populated parts. As much as I love my woods, coyotes, poisonous snakes and other dangers to my fur-girls aren’t welcome here.

Comment by Channon 10.23.10 @ 8:04 am

More “critters” are being seen around here, too. My granddaughter’s horse has been attacked twice by a cat.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 10.23.10 @ 9:35 am

I’ve heard that the issue is that more encroachment of humans into wildlife habitat either places both in the same zone or pushes the wildlife into new neighborhoods. We had an infestation of bunnies the year they leveled the field next to our development and put houses up. Not as worrisome to run into while out for a walk, but same principle.

Comment by twinsetellen 10.23.10 @ 2:08 pm

Ah yes, we have them here in Novato, too. Recall that I’m the Bad Mommy who neglected to tell her bicycle-riding son that one had been spotted along the path he takes to school…

Comment by Sue 10.23.10 @ 2:14 pm

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