Why I need more of Mel and Kris’s small rice bowls
Wednesday September 01st 2010, 10:41 pm
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As long as I keep knitting my hands aren’t getting the ice cream out of the freezer.

Nor the raspberry sorbet that would go so well with that vanilla.

Just another row.

Go ice my hands.

Yeah I hear you guys yes I could use the calories but he shouldn’t. No I won’t sneak it past him; if I get some, he gets some. Fair’s fair.

Put icepack back. Ignore pleading freezer contents.

Do another row.

Raspberries are healthyyy.

I’m not *listening*!

Calcium is healthyyyyyy. Makes you grow big and–oh wait.  You’re right.  6’8″ might be enough.

Just another row.

Just another half a row while they thaw enough to serve–if I’m going to do anything painful on the hands it is not going to be serving up rigid calories. It can wait. *Sssssh, you guys.* This project can’t.

Another row just because I’m an addict that way.

Eat (and share).  Gotta build up my strength for these knitting marathons, y’know.

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I had peach ice cream tonight. It was worth the calories! I too am a “just another row” addict. You just get such a sense of accomplishment with each row completed. And sometimes keep others waiting while you do… I’m not completly sure they get the same lovely feeling we get! LOL

Comment by Mary 09.01.10 @ 11:31 pm

I hope you held your bowl in your hands so as to hit two birds with one stone (not that you would ever hurt a bird, I know). *wink*

I haven’t knitted in over a week now… The heatwave is not helping and work keeps me very busy. Maybe this weekend, I can make lots of progress on the stole I plan to give a cousin “for” her wedding (she gets married later this month but the present will be done after the date is passed, I am aware, sadly).

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 09.02.10 @ 5:49 am

We’re big ice cream fans too, even the dogs…

Comment by Channon 09.02.10 @ 6:31 am

With me, since I don’t knit, but read a lot, it’s “just one more chapter.”

Yeah, I’m an ice cream fan. Time was when I could consume an entire pint at one sitting. Amalie used to call me em an icecreamaholic.

Comment by Don Meyer 09.02.10 @ 11:01 am

Well, now I want ice cream with raspberries . . . Actually, with my mom’s homemade jam. Mmmm.

Comment by Lanafactrix 09.02.10 @ 12:36 pm

That reminds that the Schwans man is arriving shortly, I have peach yogurt swirl bars ,they are delish, I too am a “one more row” person

Comment by Kris 09.02.10 @ 2:02 pm

Your poor hands were just s(creaming) for something cold to hold…

Comment by Ruth 09.02.10 @ 6:44 pm

I can’t remember the last time I had ice cream. Sad. Maybe it’s time to give in!:-)

Comment by knittygirl 09.02.10 @ 7:30 pm

Hi, Alison blueberries are awesome with ice cream, too. An Oregon staple. Kris would love to see you, how about we stop by next Fri, 9/10, on our way to Capitola. (3pm work?) Kris is coming down on Tues! We can bring whatever mugs you wish then (was that 2?) Sounds like you be needing small bowls with ice cream and blueberries??? I won’t be near a computer at Kings Mtn. so I hope Kris Will check in.

Comment by Mel Kunihiro 09.02.10 @ 8:38 pm

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