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Thursday September 23rd 2010, 10:58 pm
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I ordered more Rios. I have to wait a week to find out if it matches well so the baby blanket can get bigger than 43×40″ (I will knit in alternating dyelots if they’re really close) or if not, the two new skeins will become a mostly-matching outfit while I go buy a contrasting color to put in ribbing all around the thing: I like my baby blankets generous. I’d bought all that Golden Fleece had in that lot, hoping 840 yards worsted would do it. It won’t.

My son told me tonight that my daughter-in-law had been secretly hoping I would knit something for the baby.  I just might.

So. Back to Lisa’s Blackbewwie.

I measured and was sure I had enough to do just one more pattern repeat. It’s always nice to see how far a yarn will go, right?  I know my electronic scale gets a little wonky the closer you get to zero, but it looked like I would have two grams left over, maybe three. That’s cutting it far closer than I like, but the results held steady.

I decided to give it a try.  I confess to knitting perhaps less loosely than usual–I had visions of having only a yard to spare.

It took me three hours to finally cast off, not because it took three hours to cast off, not because I couldn’t bear to see, if, if…  but simply because I could.  No worries.  Clearly, looking at that ball at the very end, I had enough. Alright! Six grams left over! That would be about 30 yards.

Then I threw the shawl in the bag. Done! At last! Two weeks to knit that. I never take that long, but it was 1090 yards of light fingering weight and 72 rows of 439 stitches on smaller needles than I often use and it simply took a lot of time. (Not to mention there was this other project…)

Go do something else!

Like that lasted. Out with you. I was curious.

In the crumpled tinfoil stage, I got 12.5″.  It is now drying in the other room at 26″: add a little water and it’s like Wile E. Coyote after the steamroller went through.

And here I am bouncing back up again and off to the next.

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I can’t wait to see what it looks like blocked. Better luck on knitting for your grand baby. I get this image of Wiley Coyote, and your shawl getting larger and larger.Back to my late night knitting.

Comment by Kris 09.23.10 @ 11:20 pm

Yes, I can’t wait to see the shawl after it is blocked. Knitting for a baby is so much fun! Enjoy!!!

Comment by Joansie 09.24.10 @ 5:50 am

“My son told me tonight that my daughter-in-law had been secretly hoping I would knit something for the baby. I just might.” Yeah, like there was a chance you wouldn’t?

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 09.24.10 @ 7:09 am

I’m not knitting for any baby/toddler I know, but I’m just about done with a very simple blanket for Project Linus. I was amazed at how happy I was knitting this simple pattern, and how pleased I am with the look of it. I wondered why, and then thought about how much my son loved his “bubba” (a quilted blanket I received at a shower). I’m hoping I’m providing a “bubba” for another little one. Comfort in the form of a little blanket goes a long way.

AND I completely agree with Sherry! LOL

Comment by Mary 09.24.10 @ 8:24 am

So you know I don’t understand all this knitting terminology. But blankets I understand. Grandkids I understand. You knitting blankets for grandkids? I cannot imagine you doing otherwise.

Comment by Don Meyer 09.24.10 @ 9:20 am

What fun! I love watching lace “grow” through blocking…

Comment by Channon 09.24.10 @ 11:57 am

Well, your DIL’s comment was one of the funniest I’ve read in a long time. I can’t begin to imagine the world in which you don’t knit for grandbabies!

Comment by twinsetellen 09.27.10 @ 4:33 am

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