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Thursday September 16th 2010, 10:27 am
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An exit interview I found interesting, even if I often don’t agree with my uncle’s politics. Gotta love that secret CIA/Senate committee briefing in the secret room because Patrick Moynihan wanted it scooped on the front page the next day.

Note that my uncle’s son is helping the Democrat candidate’s campaign now that his dad is out. It’s the candidate that matters far more than the party.  Go Jim!


Update: PG&E was awarded nearly $5 million by the state three years ago specifically to replace that high-risk pipe that later blew up. PG&E did not replace it. They did, however, give that much in bonuses to their executives. And now they’re asking for money to… Yeah…

Go lawmakers go! This is the kind of thing we vote you into office FOR!

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AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! That’s me screaming in frustration!

Comment by Jody 09.16.10 @ 12:12 pm

WHAT?! How is that legal!?

Comment by Channon 09.16.10 @ 12:22 pm

That’s exactly the kind of thing that i suspect of being true (after all, look what all those banks did with their bail out money)but would almost rather not have confirmed. What were we saying about evil the other day?

Comment by Jocelyn 09.16.10 @ 7:32 pm

The way I see it, since the money was awarded to fix the thing, and they didn’t — they’ve committed FRAUD. Either the execs who made that felonious decision cough up the cash, or they should be indicted. (Oh yeah, and fined…)
Just me, of course.

Comment by Helen 09.16.10 @ 8:33 pm

Because I can’t comprehend the greed of PG&E, I distracted myself with your uncle’s interview. I know I disagreed with his politics most of the time, but I did find wisdom in his words. The driving home test is a good one. I’ll remember that.

Comment by twinsetellen 09.16.10 @ 8:44 pm

Law MAKERS? How about law enforcement. Those execs (and others who received obscene bonuses) should be in jail or heavily fined for criminal negligence, breach of contract, THEFT, whatever. I’m sure the laws are already there! It’s beyond scandalous. Fire them, sue them but this era of huge bonuses for people who create catastrophic crisis has got to end and I say it should end with jail time.

Comment by LynnM 09.16.10 @ 11:01 pm

and some people wonder at the proliferation of public interest watchdog groups?

(as she heads for the parade ground at CRC just full of contractors….)

Comment by Holly 09.19.10 @ 4:08 am

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