Monday August 16th 2010, 11:31 pm
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Weight bearing exercise.  Steroid-induced osteoporosis.  My stationary bike, though I use it, isn’t the right tool for the job and my bum knee would prefer I be walking briskly anyway thankyoukindly.  Richard suggested something I’d actually been thinking of too, and so I was researching treadmill machines when Michelle came home.

She asked me what I was doing. I told her.

“Mom. You DON’T need more yarn!!”


I suddenly pictured monster hanks of yarn and walking hamster-ball-style in the loop they made.  Red. Big Red Yarn. Really big.  We did the confused look/what on earth are you talking about/you DON’T, Mom! thing a few times around before she laughed, “TREADMILL! I thought you said trade mill, like, you know, maybe, some cooperative for farmers, or…!” You know, to pool their wool or something.

And then perhaps it would all come here?

Where on earth would she get an idea like that?

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LOL! What funny looks you two must have had on your faces when you realized what the other was talking about. I guess when our lives sort of revolve around yarn, people jump to assumptions! Fluffy, lovely, beautiful assumptions… Sorry, I had a yarn moment there!

Comment by Mary 08.17.10 @ 5:38 am

Hahahahahahaha… Our minds get in our ears way sometimes!

Comment by Channon 08.17.10 @ 7:13 am

Hilarious! My hubby told me the other day I was “addicted” to knitting. Really? I broke down (not really) and confessed that, indeed, I am. If it were taken away from me I would suffer terrible withdrawals. Best to keep me in constant supply, I said, with extra skeins within my reach in case of a world-wide shortage.

Comment by Julie 08.17.10 @ 8:27 am

Add another “ha” onto Channon’s comment for me!

Comment by LynnM 08.17.10 @ 8:35 am

love it! and in my case it would be fabric coming here too — OH NO!!

Comment by Bev 08.17.10 @ 9:05 am

Boy, talk about non sequiturs! Now why would Michelle ever think you were talking about yarn? I mean, it’s not as if you ever bought any before!

And you can just one more “ha” on Channon’s comment. LynnM had the right idea.

Comment by Don Meyer 08.17.10 @ 9:07 am

Oh that’s funny. Make sure you look into an elliptical too. Similar motion, easier on knees. I wish I had gone that route instead of treadmill when I needed to replace mine. Well – truthfully I wish I would just get motived to use mine, but that’s not the topic! g

Comment by gMarie 08.17.10 @ 9:36 am

I agree on the elliptical recommendation. At least get on a good quality one to try it. Much less stress on my knees and my husband can work up to a good run when he gets going.

With your balance challenges, you might be less likely to get thrown off, too 🙂 Whatever you decide, make sure the hand supports work for you.

Comment by Deb 08.17.10 @ 10:46 am

My parents like to use the treadmill and books on tape simultaneously.

Comment by LauraN 08.17.10 @ 12:08 pm

The trouble with the treadmill is: the scenery gets boring! BTW, you can have mine for the price of driving up here to claim it. Yes, I AM serious.

Comment by Ruth 08.17.10 @ 12:41 pm

Hahaha! 😀

Comment by Monica 08.17.10 @ 1:10 pm

I recommend treadmill over elliptical. You can’t knit while gripping the handlebars on an elliptical. (But if you do knit on a treadmill, pin your project to you and put the yarn in a bag that is well attached to you, too, so it can’t drop in the works. Circs are a good idea, too.)

Comment by twinsetellen 08.17.10 @ 6:44 pm

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