One hopefully-last appliance post
Friday July 16th 2010, 9:45 pm
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I now have a safe, non-working dishwasher, but at least it won’t set my house on fire. And no, Maytag did not pass along the other information to the fellow who came out–who was hesitant to work on the thing once I told him, and wanted to know, was I sure?

He was already here, so, hey. My other choice would have been to get a discount to buy a third one in a row of these, and that was so unacceptable to me and not likely an option anymore anyway the moment he stepped in the door. I do not want to add to the landfills.

I want the thing to work. Is that so hard to ask?

Turns out the last recall for a fire hazard– our previous Maytag–happened in 2007.  So that machine sitting there dead was three years old.

I really really needed me some Sea Silk time. Even if I only have half a skein of Glacier left.

Meantime, if you have a front-loading GE washing machine, those could be downright entertaining: flames shooting out the front? Every little boy’s dream!  Break out the coathangers and bring on the marshmallows!

(Ed. to add) I think the moral to the story is, when millions of people are suddenly trying to buy the same brand at once because of a recall and an offered discount and it’s on backorder while they try to make them all at once, give the local guy the fix-it job rather than risk the lag in quality controls.)

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I don’t know…setting the dirty laundry afire sounds sort of attractive to me, too.

Comment by suburbancorrespondent 07.17.10 @ 1:37 am

Been there, done that. In two years, the new dishwasher has been used twice – with just the two of us, why take the risk?

Comment by Gaby 07.17.10 @ 5:32 am

Wow! I’ll have to ask my daughter what brand she has. I can’t believe Maytag can’t provide better service than that.

Comment by Joansie 07.17.10 @ 6:35 am

It is such a good thing that we have knitting to keep us sane, or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 07.17.10 @ 7:13 am

Good grief, that’s the best they can do?

Break out the gloves to protect the hands of whomever is hand washing the dishes.

Comment by Don Meyer 07.17.10 @ 10:38 am

I’m wondering how on earth I would ever find out if my washing machine is being recalled? At least with cars they kinda know who you are and write you a letter…or it’s in the news.
Do I go to ??

Comment by karin maag-tanchak 07.17.10 @ 10:53 am

What?! Whew. Went back and read WASHING machine. Again, whew. We have a top-loading Whirlpool.

Comment by Channon 07.19.10 @ 8:27 am

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