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Thursday June 24th 2010, 11:19 pm
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The robo-call reminder said, I thought, 12:30 and to be there a half hour early to check in with my insurance card, yadda yadda. I hit 4 for repeat this message. Heard it the same.

So I showed up at Stanford accordingly.  Got a confused receptionist, who finally found my name an hour down the list; she waved me away, clearly bothered for my sake that I’d wasted my time, and told me to come back later for my 1:30 appointment.

I stepped aside and did a quick loop around to the other side of the small waiting area, which put me in the hallway for maybe a dozen steps–that was away, right?  Sat down back in there with my shawl project, knitted till exactly 1:00, stood back up, smiled brightly at her and pronounced, “I’m here now.”

She cracked up.

I got an unexpected hour of knitting with absolutely no other demands possible on me. And this was a problem? But what was cool was, she totally got that after she saw what I was doing.

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And I can just picture you standing there with an impish look in your eyes, smiling brightly! Isn’t it great that knitters rarely have a problem with waiting (assuming that you always have your project with you)?

Comment by Kathy in San Jose 06.25.10 @ 12:27 am

What a nice exepected surprise! That gal would like to learn how to knit?

Comment by Joansie 06.25.10 @ 5:02 am

Talk about making the best of a situation: you had time to knit and she ended up smiling!

I hope all is well with you and yours. 🙂

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 06.25.10 @ 7:19 am

That’s why I keep knitting in the the Chiefmobile; time is NEVER wasted.

Comment by Channon 06.25.10 @ 8:23 am

I try to arrive early for all my appointments just so I do have time for knitting! LOL!

Comment by Jody 06.25.10 @ 8:47 am

Just hope you didn’t miss any important World Cup Football. Or action from Wimbledon.

Comment by LynnM 06.25.10 @ 9:45 am

As you know, I don’t knit, but I bring my own magazine.

Humor –

Did Noah keep his bees in an archive?

A gossip is someone with a great sense of rumor.

Comment by Don Meyer 06.25.10 @ 10:37 am

Trust you!

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 06.25.10 @ 4:46 pm

Too funny. I love having that extra time. I never leave the house planning to arrive somewhere just on time. I need at least a few minutes to gather myself (and a few more sts). This week at PT, another patient waiting to go in recognized that while it was the same yarn, it wasn’t the same item that I had been working on last time she saw me there. She had noticed it (and commented about it) before because it was coral, not pink, and more interesting for a little girl.

Comment by sjanova 06.25.10 @ 5:40 pm

I enjoy your ability to make the best of a potentially stressful situation.

Hope it went well at the doc!

Comment by Amanda 06.25.10 @ 6:03 pm

And non-knitters wonder why we always have knitting with us . . .

Comment by Lanafactrix 06.25.10 @ 8:38 pm

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