Why, I’ll huff and I’ll fluff and I’ll…
Thursday April 29th 2010, 11:37 pm
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They’re so cute when they’re little.

Eyasses, ie baby falcons, grow from their hatching weight by about 23oo% in their first month, according to the peregrine group.  I saw one today, now an adorable vaguely-birdlike white fluff ball with those round black eyes, picking up its foot and looking at it like, wow, what’s this? before plonking straight down on its beak.

Banding will be bright and early Monday morning.  Glenn Stewart from UCSC will rappel down the cliff-face of City Hall in San Jose two stories down to the nestbox ledge.  The babies will be too young to get away from him but already their full size, thus he’ll be able to put the correct and comfortable size bands on their legs. (With a hard helmet on as the parents whizzz by on the fly.)

And then the cameras will start chasing the little ones for ankle zooms as they waddle around their enclosed ledge.

The correct size in my hands has been 4.5 mm this past week.  I think, after that shawl I wanted so badly to get done and get given away but that took three weeks to do–even though that turned out to be the most right thing and the most right timing–I had a pent-up desire to Get Stuff Done.  402 stitches a row? I did 15 rows yesterday.  Nineteen more to finish the knitting part? Break out the icepacks again, it’s done. The cast-off’s tomorrow.

Bright and early, because my other yarns are ball-banding together and calling out, Knit me!  Me!

Next thing you know, some of them will be flying off to someone else, too.  Who and which and when, I’ll just have to listen and find out.

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Toddlers in any species are precious, aren’t they?

I can’t imagine icing my hands to knit on. I lack your devotion to my craft.

Comment by Channon 04.30.10 @ 6:52 am

I am getting close to the ice treatment… Some evenings, I knit so much that when I wake up the next day, my hands are a still in holding-needles position. lol I have had to ask my husband to massage them in the morning.

For the first time, I’m working on a project that has no recipient and I feel guilty for having bought it w/o knowing who will get it. As I knit, I think of friends and family members waiting for that “click” to happen. Nothing clear yet. I guess this one will have to be stored properly until I have the clear indication, huh?

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 04.30.10 @ 6:56 am

Yes, the cute little ones do grow quickly. But 2300% in one month? My heavens!

Fun –

An old, old W.C. Fields story: An auto salesman was trying to sell a car to Fields, and told him, “You could leave New York at midnight, and be in Philadelphia in 3 in the morning!” Fields thought this over very carefully, and finally said, “Nope, can’t think of any reason why I’d want to be in Philadelphia at 3 in the morning.”

Comment by Don Meyer 04.30.10 @ 10:41 am

Ohhh…gorgeous color!

Hey – I’m free on Saturday afternoon for a while. Will you be home so I can follow through on my promise to bring my ball-winder & swift and wind up all that yarn?

Comment by (formerly) no-blog-rachel 04.30.10 @ 10:43 am

And just like the bands, I’m sure the shawl will be a perfect fit!

Comment by twinsetellen 04.30.10 @ 6:45 pm

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