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Monday April 12th 2010, 11:20 pm
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Random avoidances of tax forms, which really are done anyway, just print and sign and be done with it, fer cryin’ out loud:

Saw another large hawk, perched on the telephone wires watching the cars, including ours as we were going by during a break in today’s rain rain rain. We came back the other way awhile later, and there he was, still, calmly observing.  The rain was holding off the whole time for all of us during that errand.  Apres nous, le deluge.

Saw a squirrel trying to sneak at the feeder actually slip off the top of the wet awning and fall down to the patio, flipping his tail wildly as the ground jumped up at him. I think he was as surprised as I was. He seemed okay.

We found, next to a large bookcase, the leak in the roof going down the wall of an unused bedroom, the top of the wallboard starting to peel away. My dyepot found a new use.  The warranty on that roof expired in November.  This is Not Good.  At least no squirrels fell in.

Michelle was explaining to a friend from back East yesterday that it doesn’t rain in summer in California and that the rain here is always cold–the idea of a warm summer rain is just “A weirdo thing you guys do back there,” as she put it to me today as the skies did their normal-winter thing.

It never rains in summer, except that it always does just once, and always when it does, people exclaim, But it never rains in summer! This is so bizarre!

Nah, the bizarre part is that it doesn’t and that it’s so ocean-cold when it does.  There are supposed to be summer rains, and they are supposed to be warm, and they are supposed to be enjoyed back home, say, walking along the C&O Canal with old friends watching turtles swimming in the canal as the rain splashes from above and the wide Potomac ripples slowly nearby.

I’m trying to figure out an excuse to go confirm that hypothesis in person this year.

The song “California Dreamin’ ” was written after a 17-year-old from LA joined a band and it landed a gig singing in New York. Her father tried to explain the concept “cold” to her. She bought a wool dress, thinking that should totally do it.


Manhattan, we have a problem.  They “stopped into a church” because it was the closest warm building and she was finding out that maybe her dad did know something after all.

My friend’s handknit wool socks on my feet, gratefully… Because it’s raining, y’know, and that means it’s cold in Northern California. (Cold.  Um.  I assure you my snow shovel remains idle. I am not complaining!)

Weighed my yarn, decided I could do one more pattern repeat before the edging–remember the edging? There was a shawl project, once upon a time–I decided I had been yarn-deprived for nearly a week and that that was way long enough. I knitted that pattern repeat.

I will stop treating my taxes like a manuscript or a house remodel: there is an end and we are there, fer cryin’ out loud.

The weather report is calling for rain Thursday. Maybe I’ll get to see another hawk!

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The difference between California and back east can be summed in the word “green.” When I moved out here 24 years ago from my home out west, I had never ever seen the Mississippi much less crossed it. We hit Ohio. Oh My Heavens! I had never ever seen such green in my life! It’s a different kind of green, the kind of green that slips up and hits you in the eyes and says “pay attention woman, I’m green, and don’t you forget it!” California green is more “well, you know, I’m green but only if you are into that sorta thing. I mean, if you like silver or brown or some other shade of green, that’s cool, I can do that too.”

Comment by afton 04.13.10 @ 3:29 am

Nice Monday Montage. I am hoping the leak is a simple fix, maybe a little flashing around a chimney or something. Good luck.

Comment by twinsetellen 04.13.10 @ 5:29 am

the nice thing about a husband who owns his own business? It comes with an accountant. One who does my taxes for me for the mere cost of a pan of brownies, and my receipts neatly organized. I can do that.

Comment by Sandra 04.13.10 @ 7:03 am

I understand that squirrels fall quite often. They’re small and light enough they don’t hit with enough force to injure themselves.

And cold rain is the worst! I’d rather have snow. Good day to mail off your taxes and relax with some knitting!

Comment by RobinH 04.13.10 @ 7:16 am

yup, I remember the cold rain of Northern California — I’d trade in my snow shovel for some of it in a heart beat

meantime here we have house wrens and daffodils — a trade off of putting up with the snow I guess

Comment by Bev 04.13.10 @ 7:40 am

Backless wool dress… giggle!

Our taxes are done too, with a more favorable outcome than I expected. Whew!

Comment by Channon 04.13.10 @ 8:43 am

It only rains in the summer in Ca if it can
co-incide with the State Fair, or some other important outside festivity! Everyone knows that…

Comment by Ruth 04.13.10 @ 9:10 am

WOW! You scooped the Merc! The baby bird photos you had in your Sunday post showed up in this morning’s paper!

No it never rains in the summer in California. Hhmmph. One time, many years ago, when our family was living in San Francisco, my dad wanted to improve a room on our second floor. That required taking off the roof over that part of the house. The month was August. It rained. Methinks Ruth is right.

Humor —

Ever stop to think, and forget to start again?

Being ‘over the hill’ is much better than being under it!

Comment by Don Meyer 04.13.10 @ 9:30 am

I remember being completely surprised by the concept of warm rain when I first spent summers back east with relatives. Of course, it’s not really rain, it’s more like the humidity gets heavier for a while…

Comment by Jocelyn 04.13.10 @ 10:15 am

In winter I say to people “if only it were a few degrees colder it would feel warmer.” Cold rain is like soaking in a cold bath. Remember too, I live in “Coleraine.” Aptly named.

I had a roof tile break a while ago–over my bed! Moved the bed right up against the computer so the bucket could be on the floor not my mattress.

Comment by LynnM 04.13.10 @ 10:22 am

Funny how you find sunshine in your rainy day, huh?

I should take care of my taxes next week, though I have until June to do it (freelancers are given more time to submit their reports). I’m in no hurry to learn how much I need to pay! lol

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 04.13.10 @ 1:00 pm

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