Cream of whisker souffle
Thursday April 22nd 2010, 3:37 pm
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Happy Earth Day!

The Slinky got totally upstaged today. Even after Michelle suddenly noticed it this afternoon and stopped speechless mid-sentence, her jaw slowly hitting the floor as it entered in what that was out there and what it must be for.

So how do I one-up that moment?

Looking in the fridge for a glass of milk, I see: the whip-cream whipper, not yet empty.   Hey.  It has fat. It has protein. It has what I’ve read that momma squirrels need this time of year (and after the hijinks going on out there, I guarantee you there are momma squirrels this year and which individuals they are likely to be.  Look for the one with the white spot in the center of its back where it got nipped in the action.)

So I took a paper cup. I cut it way down to about two inches tall. I squirted some fresh whipped cream in (don’t forget there’s that little bit of sugar mixed in there, too, just a touch), and of course the gadget sprayed way more than I intended, they always do–quite the sundae there.  Add a little sunflower garnish on top.  Voila.  Then I put it out on the patio.

The black squirrel came to it pretty quickly; she danced around it, a hilarious combination of severe lust and fear of the unknown.  Come close, dash, close, sniff, dash.  This strange set-up sure wasn’t going to take a day of acclimatizing.  Forward and away, forward and away.

A dove took a quick peck at it.  Well, then.  Not going to let some dumb bird show her up.

The next thing I knew, that squirrel was sampling, oh, just the seeds, not that weird white stuff.  Don’t you pay attention to me. (As the camera comes out…) Then holding the cup still with her paws while eating away at the top of the white swizzle. Then suddenly throwing caution to the wind, grabbing the whole thing and running for the grass, where she wrestled it to give up every last drop of cream.  I started to step outside at one point, worried that somehow I’d done damage because it was on her head and she was falling over to the side–but she grabbed it back up from the ground and stuck it back on her head and did it again and again, pulling it down over her ears, trying to reach every smidgen in the bottom seam of that cup. I glanced upwards for the Cooper’s hawk, just in case, but the coast was clear. She fell sideways in ecstasy again.

I tell you, that little animal with its white-fringed whiskers twitching in delight was the funniest thing ever. Then she stashed the magical cup near a tree, hoping it might sprout more later.  Maybe start a whole forest of whipped cream.

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

(Edited to add: about three hours later, she came back on that patio, plunked herself down facing me through the window, and just stared, willing me to turn around and look. I had this feeling of being watched and glanced out the window.

May I have more nirvana? Pretty please with whipped cream on top?  I laughed and turned away. She picked herself up, moved a foot or two closer, laid back down again facing me–no time for shyness, this was serious business here–and resumed staring.  BRING. ME. MORE.

When that didn’t work, she stomped off.)

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To quote my wise father: “You’re very strange”.

Comment by Sam 04.22.10 @ 5:09 pm

Love! It!

Comment by Lene 04.22.10 @ 8:14 pm

I suspect it just might sprout some more whipped cream. Or something equally delectable.

Comment by twinsetellen 04.22.10 @ 8:32 pm

Sounds like some cheap entertainment to me!

Comment by Ruth 04.22.10 @ 9:03 pm

That squirrel has made at your house. Quite the treat!

Comment by Joansie 04.23.10 @ 5:05 am

As I eat my berries with Rice Whip on top, I must agree with the squirrel. Bring me whipped cream, NOW!

Wished I could have seen it.

Comment by afton 04.23.10 @ 5:31 am

oh, that’s FUNNY! I wish you had a video of the whole thing…

Comment by Sandra 04.23.10 @ 5:56 am

Are you trying to turn this squirrel into a junkie? lol

I wonder if she felt a sugar crash, later…

Say, how did it feel to be the one being stared at? hihihi

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 04.23.10 @ 6:16 am

Oh, come on, Alison, fill up the cream whipper again for the mommas. Surely it’s cheap entertainment!

Comment by Abby 04.23.10 @ 6:56 am

Oh my! this had me laughing like crazy — I can just picture the antics

thanks for sharing!!

Comment by Bev 04.23.10 @ 8:13 am

Oh, that is hilarious! That’s even funnier than my cockatiel, who is not allowed milk products. That last pic reminded me of the ads, Got Milk?

Other humor (do you really need it after your posting?)

School test Q&A

Q. Give a reason why people would want to live near power lines.
A. You get your electricity faster.

Q. What is a fibula?
A. A little lie.

Q. What is a nitrate?
A. Much cheaper than a day rate.

Q. The race of people known as Malays come from which country?
A. Malaria.

Q. How does Romeo’s character develop throughout the play?
A. It doesn’t, it’s just self, self, self all the way through.

Q. What happens to a boy during puberty?
A. He says goodbye to childhood and enters adultery.

Comment by Don Meyer 04.23.10 @ 9:23 am

LOVE it! Of course, this is from the kid who used to sneak into the “deep freeze” in the garage and grab a spoonful of frozen Cool-Whip, and then wasn’t someone surprised when she went to get the tub for something?!

Comment by Channon 04.23.10 @ 11:45 am

So funny! Much to my mother’s chagrin I used to feed a squirrel toast when I was in high school. At times she would open the back door and the squirrel would be attached to the screen…waiting. They are easy to win over as long as there is food around!

Comment by Momo Fali 04.23.10 @ 5:27 pm

Beyond funny! I do hope you’ll do it again.

Comment by Luise 04.24.10 @ 7:32 am


Comment by Diana Troldahl 04.25.10 @ 8:07 pm

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