A pun for her thoughts on her birthday
Saturday April 03rd 2010, 6:49 pm
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Just for fun.  Wow.  Anyone handy with paper?  Six pages of instruction on that origami, but people are flocking to the site.

A childhood friend of my dad’s lives in the hills above here, and I was admiring her koi pond once.  She lamented that the cranes and the great blue herons loved their fast-food sushi snacks, standing by the side of the little pond, waiting for the captive fish to come out from under their covered area.  Sure. They could wait.

We do live between the Bay and the ocean, and one will occasionally see a brilliantly white great crane standing in the green grass above the freeway in the spring, nowhere particularly near the waterways, simply showing off the fact that they’re gorgeous. (Do the cars passing below look like fish in a stream at a distance?  Are they carwindow-shopping?)

So. If a sea-diving bird were to fly over and decide it wanted a little lemon juice to go with its fish, and it got caught in the thorns, would I pull my auks out of the Meyer?

Or de-murre?

(Waiting for the angel food cake in the oven to finish.  Oh–there it goes.)

Happy birthday, Michelle!

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Methinks you need a comma between “when” and “lives”. Maybe I’m a bit slow, but it took me several minutes to figure out that sentence.

On t’other hand —

There was a plump knight Sir Keith
who removed his sword from its sheath,
He fought for his honor
But soon was a goner
And the dragon stood picking his teeth.

Comment by Don Meyer 04.03.10 @ 8:56 pm

Fixed it, Don, thanks, threw’em both out and went for a simpler sentence construction.

Comment by AlisonH 04.03.10 @ 9:24 pm

The art teacher that lives behind me (and a pretty good person to boot) does a huge art festival at the local elementary school every year. Even though my girls have graduated I still get roped in quite often to help 🙂 One year, it was an oriental theme and she decided that everyone would fold paper cranes to send to the United Nations for Peace. I was “asked” to help the special needs students fold their cranes since that is the population I work with all the time. Sigh.

Our cranes were the best of all them because we took our time and did them right.

Happy Easter Alison, Happy Easter! Know what I got for Passover? An engagement ring.

Comment by Afton 04.04.10 @ 6:15 am

Happy birthday!

(from a groaning Torontonian…)

Comment by Lene 04.04.10 @ 8:04 am

Happy birthday to Michelle! And yes… I would love a koi pond, but first there were all the cats next door, and now, coyotes…

Comment by Channon 04.05.10 @ 10:08 am

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