I’m a meanie
Friday March 19th 2010, 11:42 pm
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She didn’t know she was modeling for me.

I was out with friends tonight, and although it was warm at the time we took off carpooling across the Bay, I carried a sweater and a shawl in my knitting bag with me; it’s always cold at night here when the San Francisco fog rolls in.

Several hours later, I caught one tall friend shivering, and being plenty warm myself with just my sweater, I surprised her from behind when she leaned over a moment (ie, I could reach!) and wrapped my Bluejay around her shoulders.

She loved it.  I told her I was afraid she couldn’t keep it, because it was one of my in-the-book projects, but she loved how soft it was; baby alpaca? Ooh, nice.

I told her how that bluejay got its heathery effect, and she laughed.

But I got to see one of my shorter shawls on one of my taller friends and mentally gauge the fit and length and how to adjust them to better fit more people. Always a good thing. She reinforced some ideas and did me a favor.

And yes, she cheerfully gave it back at the end; I’m sure she had no idea it was with a pang on my part.  But really, though, it was a tad short on her anyway.

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Ha ha, first poster! The rewards of insomnia, I tells ya 🙂

So wonderful of you to be prepared!

I am dying to wear a certain lovely silky scarf I received from a friend I have yet to meet F-to-F, in the lovely spring weather – I reserve this honor for when I see the crocuses and the hyacinths show their lovely heads, which should be any day now! This scarf reminds me of their lovely colors after a long, snowy and cold Cleveland winter. 😀

Comment by Cathy (catsandyarn on Ravelry) 03.19.10 @ 11:51 pm

Knowing you (by way of lurking here at your blog) I’m sure you won’t be a meanie for long!!

Comment by Sue H 03.20.10 @ 7:35 am

Oh, dear, that is scary. What if?

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 03.20.10 @ 8:00 am

Ah, now you are also a tailor. Measuring, by eye, yet.

Fun –

A student became lost during a solo cross-country flight. While attempting to locate the aircraft on radar, ATC asked, “What was your last known position?” 
Student: “When I was number one for takeoff.”

Comment by Don Meyer 03.20.10 @ 12:02 pm

I agree with Sue H, I know that another shawl has been added to the queue! (It takes one to know one.) However, wrangling the blue jays might be a bit much. Have a grand time making it even better this time around.

Comment by DebbieR 03.20.10 @ 3:09 pm

I’m curious about these fits for tall people… not that I need such adjustments!

Comment by Channon 03.20.10 @ 4:17 pm

This one was wide and swingy on her but didn’t go down to her waist; it needed length, and I’d have added more pattern repeats–or if not, lengthened the neckline from the original and started at row 2 if I were going to keep it that short, so that she would have been able to easily tie it in front.

The other thing is, if I’d given it to her, nobody in that group would have let me loan them a shawl again even when they needed it for fear of imposing.

Comment by AlisonH 03.20.10 @ 5:57 pm

I had to read the post twice before I moved on to the post itself, because my brain couldn’t understand what I was reading: you? A meanie? I had to laugh…

I guess you have to thank the fog in the upcoming book, now, huh? hihihi

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 03.22.10 @ 5:40 am

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