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Saturday December 19th 2009, 10:08 pm
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Amazing how much bigger the laundry room is with a new dryer in there, set back against the wall where it rightly goes.  As of today.  (Thank you Rachel!) It doesn’t need to be pulled two feet forward to work–and it doesn’t burn the clothes. (Yes, we cleaned the old one’s hose out and cut it down by half; it still did that.)

Amazing how nice it is to be able to know one can now do the mercifully ordinary task of loading clothes or sheets into the dryer and they won’t come back out with little permanent burn marks.

I told Richard a year ago that if he put the exercise bike away in an unused kid’s room, I would never use it–so he assembled it right there in the dining area of the kitchen.  Not exactly lovely, but effective product placement, definitely. I got in the habit. I do use it.

Amazing how much bigger that room is now with it out of there. As of today.

Amazing how much bigger Richard-the-younger‘s room is with it moved in there but lots of other stuff cleaned out.  As of today.

Amazing how good those cookies Michelle baked for Nina came out, dairy-free and all. Yup, she made them today. Two types, filled, one, her first try at piping, and she did a superb job of it.

Amazing that they found the fake tree in the garage and actually got it set up.  As of today.  (No, it isn’t the same. On the other hand, the allergies found themselves not on the list of invitees and stayed away.)

Amazing how much we got done today–and two Christmas parties on top of that.

But before we left for those, my kids saw me starting to push the bike out of the kitchen area and were appalled: Mom! You can’t do that, let US do that!  But…but…  Together, with much effort, they carried the thing down the hall and maneuvered it into their big brother’s old room.

Their dad came around the corner just then and told them, You DO know that thing’s on wheels, don’t you?

Now.  Pardon me while I go fall over. In my nice, embiggened, cleaner house.  The kids? They’re at more Christmas parties, visiting with their friends while they’re in town, too.

Amazing that they grew up already and we didn’t even need to drive them there!

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Wow, you have some amazing elves helping out this Christmas. Amazing, and tall for elves!

Comment by LynnM 12.20.09 @ 5:06 am

Oh, yes. My Nu Step exercise machine (I call it my pedal car) sits there in the Keeping Room, right off the kitchen. I can see the lake or see the TV.

Last year I did it every day. Must get back to it. Thanks for the nudge.

Comment by Barbara-Kay 12.20.09 @ 7:02 am

Wow you all got a lot accomplished! It’s wonderful to work together to get things done. I’m also so thankful for helpful family and friends this season.

Comment by Lisa 12.20.09 @ 7:41 am

Oh now you’ve inspired me to clean up/clean out. I just got the week between Christmas and New Year’s off – guess what I’ll be doing! 🙂

Comment by (formerly) no-blog-rachel 12.20.09 @ 8:56 am

You had the productive day I thought I wanted. Instead, I watched it snow, bundled the dogs up 100 times each, let them out, let them back in, cleared off the steps on the deck at least three times…

Comment by Channon 12.20.09 @ 9:00 am

Just like remodeling, isn’t it. A bit of decluttering made my wee cottage a little less wee.

Comment by sherry in idaho 12.20.09 @ 9:02 am

I am always amazed at how much larger a space looks after a good clean out.

Comment by Carol 12.20.09 @ 9:29 am

Oh, it is a wonderful feeling, combined with the getting ready for the holiday visitors feeling. We are having much of the same here – Amazing how big the dining room table looks when not loaded down by a pile of mail and newspapers!

Comment by twinsetellen 12.20.09 @ 10:00 pm

I have plans, in my mind to use the Christmas days off to clean my office (file papers, organise agenda for the bdays and anniversary for the coming year).

It makes me smile to read all of you reunited and having such good times. 🙂

Comment by Suzanne in Mtl 12.21.09 @ 6:32 am

Sounds like your a busy bee, and having fun and spreading holiday cheer all the way! Keep up the great work!
hahaha it IS on wheels is cracking me up 😉

Comment by Alicia 12.21.09 @ 2:40 pm

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