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Tuesday October 20th 2009, 5:20 pm
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It’s an easy lace shawl pattern, good for beginners. And no, sorry, can’t show it yet. I haven’t finished showing it to me yet; I thought I had, but on this second go-round with it, I find myself with Bartholomew Cubbins‘ Hats Syndrome: it wants to be a variant all its own from the one I made before (and the one before that and the one before that and the one before that, and…)

So do I end it with something difficult for a new knitter to pull off? (It would always be only-optional anyway.)  You know–something edgy?

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Sorry, you’re 54 years too late asking me about new knitters. (Can’t believe I admitted that.)

Perhaps a little daring might be fun, on one or two projects, I’d guess.

Comment by Barbara-Kay 10.20.09 @ 7:39 pm

Ohhh, that color alone is daring. Gorgeous, isn’t it!

Comment by sherry in idaho 10.20.09 @ 8:12 pm

I struggled with a similar conundrum last week, choosing a stitch pattern for a cowl. I decided to go with it, despite its complexity. There are only two difficult rows, and two difficult stitches each repeat on the rows. I am thinking there are other knitters out there that also like a challenge now and again. And in your case I think it’s good to have a range of difficulty in a book, that way it grows with the knitter, and is a good book for years.

Comment by Diana Troldahl 10.20.09 @ 8:20 pm

This has nothing to do with knitting, but the issue is somewhat similar. As you and a few others know, I send out greeting cards of my own design, antd it is always a challenge to come up with something different each time. Some are successful, and some are not. That’s theway it goes.


A neighbor finds a young boy sitting on the front steps crying. “What’s the matter, honey?” she asks.
“My father hit his thumb with a hammer.”
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“At first I laughed.”

Comment by Don Meyer 10.20.09 @ 8:33 pm

What a mesmerizing color! I’m sure it will be utterly beautiful when it decides what it wants to be.

Comment by TripletMom 10.20.09 @ 10:54 pm

Let the newbies sweat…lol. I vote for edgy!

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 10.21.09 @ 3:36 am

I can understand why that yarn wouldn’t stick to a beginner’s level. It has gusto, dynamics, energy.

Somehow, I think you’re smiling as the pattern evolves… 😉

Comment by Suzanne in Mtl 10.21.09 @ 6:04 am

I like to try something new; I call learning a new stitch or technique my anti-Alzheimer’s therapy. Plus, I happen to know the designer gives great customer support…

Comment by Channon 10.21.09 @ 6:18 am

Go with the optional edgy edging; sometimes a new knitters needs that challenge to egg them on…

Comment by Jocelyn 10.21.09 @ 10:55 am

Something edgy!! That’s my vote. It does us all good.

Comment by Karen 10.21.09 @ 11:59 am

What a lovely color for yarn. So rich looking. I can’t wait to see the finished project!

As for my Vine-Stitch Shawl, I did not know that there is a variation called Marriage Lines. Very appropriate. Thank you for telling me.

Comment by Sue 10.21.09 @ 12:00 pm

Heck, do what moves ya. If it is complicated, then include a simple version for hte newbie.

Comment by Carol 10.21.09 @ 12:18 pm

Just the colour would entice me! Newbie or not don’t they have to be challenged just a little so they can learn? Maybe extra notes and seeking help if they really need it. Maybe I am the wrong person to comment. I learn something new and want to make the most difficult thing. I can never see any reason not to. If help is at hand all should be fine.

Comment by Vicki 10.21.09 @ 1:17 pm

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