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Monday October 26th 2009, 4:33 pm
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I’m in good hands. I talked to my Dr. R today; I’m to call him again tomorrow. He’s keeping close tabs, and things have been improving somewhat.

Meantime, a photo from last year’s trip East: this is the first time in three years we haven’t made it back to Maryland in the fall, so I dug out some pictures for a little visual Canal hiking.  (Hey, Karen!) I spent a fair amount of time tweaking pattern ideas and debating yarns today, then I walked away to do brainless housework in order to give my subconscious some time to sift through things.

Back to work.  Who knew that cleaning lint filters and folding towels were good for designing C&O Canal towpath patterns in lace?

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LOL I had no name for the shawl I blogged today. Then I stepped out into the garden and there, across the weed-choked beds was one lone monkshood flower. It made me so happy! But I decided naming a shawl ‘monk’s hood’ might be confusing so I went with Aconite :-}

Comment by Diana Troldahl 10.26.09 @ 5:11 pm

It is gorgeous here right now. I wish I could send you some red and gold leaf covered trees–but the logistics are against me.

Comment by LauraN 10.26.09 @ 7:07 pm

“Improved somewhat” beats “deteriorated significantly” every time. Huzzah!

Comment by Barbara-Kay 10.26.09 @ 7:54 pm

My sons love the Billy Goat Trail.

Comment by suburbancorrespondent 10.26.09 @ 8:19 pm

I LOVE the Billy Goat Trail! Oh, the memories! (her voice trailing off…) Yeah, Karen, I see you turning white as a Halloween ghost there, no, my balance and I aren’t going to try for it these days.

Comment by AlisonH 10.26.09 @ 10:37 pm

Armchair travels can be just the ticket some days! Batten down the hatches, here comes the wind! (at least here…)

Comment by Ruth 10.26.09 @ 11:19 pm

sending lots of love and prayers that this is just a bit of learning curve hassle for you and that all is well! If you want to do more armchair traveling, I can send you pictures from up here in the Himalayas!

Comment by Joy 10.27.09 @ 4:07 am

Funny how the brain works, or I should say funny when it does… It’s almost like the saying goes: a watched pot never boils.

I’m glad you are feeling somewhat better. Sending good vibes your way. 🙂

Comment by Suzanne in Mtl 10.27.09 @ 5:35 am

I’m glad my coffee is too hot to drink or I’d be wiping it off my monitor. Lint and lace. You see the beauty in everything, don’t you?

Comment by Channon 10.27.09 @ 6:18 am

I so agree with you about mindless tasks! I, too, use them as opportunities to think — if not to design lace.

Comment by RobinM 10.27.09 @ 8:02 am

So glad to hear things are improving! I’ve been thinking healthy thoughts for you.

And I’m intensely curious how you’re going to render a towpath in lace!

Comment by RobinH 10.27.09 @ 8:26 am

My kids do the towpath regularly on school trips–it’s gorgeous! So glad you are on the mend and in “good hands,” Alison. Warm thoughts and prayers coming your way from D.C.

Comment by Amy S. 10.27.09 @ 10:11 am

Good to hear that you’re on the mend! The Stevens Creek Trail here in Mountain View can be very pretty, but that towpath is gorgeous.


What is the difference between Bird Flu and Swine Flu?
For bird flu you need tweetment and for swine flu you need oinkment.

Comment by Don Meyer 10.27.09 @ 2:01 pm

Creativity is a salve, for sure, whether for the boredom of cleaning lint filters or for the pains that assail us. I am hoping your pains continue lessening.

Comment by twinsetellen 10.27.09 @ 6:45 pm

I’m sooo glad to hear you are doing better. Fall is my favorite time of year. Keep enjoying the armchair traveling. It’s wonderful. We do it often woth the travel channel. I love the towpath, too. There is just no place like the Eastern Shore!!!!!!

Comment by Joy Evans 10.28.09 @ 5:11 pm

I didn’t even know there was a C&O towpath until last year when I visited my friend who lives on the Potomac River along the WV/MD state line. I drove past the Park Headqtrs on my way to the Antietam Battlefields and stopped later to check things out. I never stop learning. The place I stopped at was rather unremarkable, but the history of the towpath was amazing!

Comment by Kristina 11.03.09 @ 6:14 pm

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