Being watched like a hawk
Thursday August 20th 2009, 10:38 pm
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Written before Knit Night at Purlescence:

I wasn’t expecting any packages… Channon?

Anti-windowsmacking bird panels. A magnetic bookmarker.  A bluebird enameled pin. A–get this–tiny bobbleheaded bluejay that went straight to the top of my monitor.  I love it.  Thank you, Channon!

And today, as I knit madly away on the cotton candy, there was a loud smack against the window. Oh, ouch–I turned around to see if the bird that had hit it was hurt.  No sign of a little bird, but I found what it had been madly racing away from: there, five feet from my face, was a huge hawk staring in the window.  (If that thing had hit that window there wouldn’t *be* a window.)  I, doofus that I am, yelled to Michelle, “Come SEE!” forgetting that even if I can’t hear, other things can; it took off for a nearby tree.  Michelle came over just in time to see the redtailed hawk with about a four foot wingspan whoosh out of the tree and away.

Wow.  Michelle pronounced, “So that’s the real reason you have a bird feeder!” Thinking, I’m sure, of the golden eagle I’d once seen perched on the neighbor’s roof.

No, but, my stars, what a gorgeous bird. What an experience!  Think it’ll come back if I parade around with a decoy of an enamel bluebird? Because I’m going to.

(p.s. The shawl? That pink rinsed blob thing I tried to get all the water out of? Uh, yeah, I finished knitting at quarter past three, later walked past the room where it was blocking, did a doubletake, thinking, wait, where is it?, walked back, and of course it was right there.  It was so gossamer fine that it had simply blended in.)

Written after Knit Night:

Jade surprised me with some exquisitely soft Malabrigo merino from Sock Summit.   She knew how much I’d wanted to go so she brought some of the Summit back to share.  Again, my thanks; I am so going to have fun playing with it!

Oh, right.  The shawl. Yes, it was dry in time for showing off tonight–if I’d had to stand over it with a hairdryer it was going to be dry in time! But I didn’t have to. Not at that thickness.

Cast on 24, keeping stitches 1/2″ apart on size 6 (4mm) needles.  Two skeins Cascade baby alpaca laceweight at 400m/437 yards each.  It has the plain stitches near the neck of the Nina shawl, the yoke of the Kathy’s Clover Flowers (slightly tweaked at its last row), the body done in a variation of Carlsbad, with a bottom edging of the Water Turtles pattern.  All of those are 10+1 lace stitch patterns.  If it weren’t for the reinforced neck edge, it could qualify as a wedding ring shawl, ie, one you can pull through a (preferably large in this case) ring.  Done!

(Dear Dr. S’s wife, if he was wrong and that’s not your color, I have more yarn. Promise.)

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Ohhhh, who would not love wearing cotton candy on their shoulders? Beautiful, exquisite, I say.

Oh yeah, the red-tailed hawk was definitely going to have the bird that hit the window for dinner!
I’ve lost many a chicken to them. I’m sending all ours here in Tenn. your way.

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 08.21.09 @ 3:50 am

Oh My GOSH that shawl turned out so great – seriously Great! If it isn’t the doctors wife’s color it will be after she gets it –

And tell me that you are making whatever you make from the yarn that Jade brought you just for you — that color is just too perfect to give away –

Comment by rho 08.21.09 @ 4:40 am

Beautiful! The shawl is absolutely beautiful! I think the doctor’s wife will be stunned – I think the doctor will be stunned 🙂 – and I think she will love it…how could she not?! Beautiful!
So glad you’re feeling better too!

Comment by Abby 08.21.09 @ 4:55 am

I love your “combination” shawl. Remember the song about the fellow who built his own car with pilfered parts from the Detroit auto line, then had to title it as a ’51, ’52, ’53, ’54…because it took him years to get enough parts?

Comment by Barbara-Kay 08.21.09 @ 5:28 am

How wonderful to see you standing!!! And smiling!!! I’m sure I could never tire of your smile…

Congratulations on your accomplishment. Of course, now you have to report on your doctor’s reaction – and his wife, should you hear from her directly. 😉

You are such an artist and strong minded woman! I would applaud if I didn’t need to type. hihihi

Comment by Suzanne in Mtl 08.21.09 @ 5:28 am

Absolutely Gorgeous! Both Dr S & his wife will be thrilled, of that I am sure 🙂

Comment by TripletMom 08.21.09 @ 6:13 am

I was sure you’d like the bobblehead jay! And that wad of cotton candy is simple stunning all blocked!

Love that blue Malabrigo. Malabrigo Sock?

Comment by Channon 08.21.09 @ 6:16 am

Oh, how beautiful! You and the shawl, both! So good to see you up, smiling, back at knitting group… you truly are on the road to recovery, thank God!

Comment by Pegi 08.21.09 @ 6:19 am

the shawl is beautiful!!

Comment by Bev 08.21.09 @ 6:38 am

The shawl is so pretty, I’m sure she’ll love it!
We have had a Cooper’s hawk lurking around our yard the last few days. There are two wild bunnies who have claimed our back yard as their own (with leafy encouragement by my husband). They have had many litters, as rabbits do, but none seem to survive, until this summer. We now have four bunnies that live out back and our grandchildren love to watch them cavort about. Yesterday the hawk was perched on a post near where the babies were nibbling so my husband burst out the back door and sent the hawk (and, of course, the bunnies) flying. I laughed at hubby protecting his bunnies but I am also glad we have birds of prey, as otherwise we would have hundreds of rabbits by now!

Comment by Julie 08.21.09 @ 7:02 am

Oh, my gosh! What a beautiful shawl. I’m not even normally fond of pink! You are an amazing knitter and an even more thoughtful person. I hope you are truly on your way to a long and healthier life!

Comment by Diane Vanderwerff 08.21.09 @ 7:22 am

That shawl is beautiful and the model is, too! As for the hawk with the four foot wingspan: those rats and squirrels in your neighborhood won’t stand a chance.

Comment by LynnM 08.21.09 @ 8:18 am

How could it not be her color. So fine and gorgeous besides–well, the shawl is, too. I hope the new yarn will make something lovely for you.

Comment by sherry in idaho 08.21.09 @ 9:02 am

I LOVE the photo of you!
You look so vibrant! YAY!!!!!

ANd the shawl is breathtakingly exquisite.

And I have that very shade of malabrigo laceweight…I’d suggest a yarn knitalong, but you are way faster than I am :-}

And not long after we moved here, a red-tailed hawk stooped to its prey (a mourning dove) and enjoyed dinner in the back yard.
I’m from country-bred stock, and it felt like a welcome to me. My neighbors were kinda horrified.

And I want to know where the bobbleheaded bluejay came from!!! I wonder if they have chickadees? A chickadee would be perfect for Oscar.

Comment by Diana Troldahl 08.21.09 @ 9:27 am

Beautiful and sure to be appreciated. If not, well…

I love the idea of a bobble headed bird of prey on top of my monitor – it might keep me off this infernal machine 🙂

Comment by Leslie 08.21.09 @ 9:57 am

Wow you see alot of interesting birds and I must say that shawl is beautiful:) I love the gifts Channon sent you:)((((Hugging You)))))) Darcy

Comment by Darcy 08.21.09 @ 10:25 am

Ooh, gorgeous, gorgeous! I mean the shawl, but I’m betting that hawk was gorgeous, too 🙂

Comment by Jocelyn 08.21.09 @ 10:31 am

Heh. I always figured wedding ring meant HIS wedding ring.

Comment by Carol 08.21.09 @ 12:26 pm

Hey, is that you standing there? You look more blond than grey.

I have to say I am most impressed with your knitting, your standing, “your” hawk!

Fun time:
Problems with my laptop required calling the dreaded company help line. The service rep, based in another country, did not speak English very well. So I tried to explain it as simply as possible. “I can’t get my computer to work.”

“Ah, I see”, he responded. “You are unable to transport your computer to your place of employment.”

Comment by Don Meyer 08.21.09 @ 2:56 pm

Pretty pretty shawl! And aren’t we blessed to have friends who brought us sock summit souveniers? nathania even dyed my own special color!

Comment by marcy 08.21.09 @ 5:19 pm

In a word: Gorgoeus!

Comment by Ruth 08.21.09 @ 6:02 pm

So, your bird feeder is a buffet for hawks? Lends a whole new meaning to the term “bird feeder”, don’t it? 😉

Comment by Lene 08.21.09 @ 7:04 pm

That shawl is heartbreakingly lovely. What a delicate shade of pink. Wow.

Comment by Shirley 08.22.09 @ 2:17 pm

Beautiful shawl! Is there a sort of tradition with a wedding ring shawl? I’m sensing a story….

Comment by Alicia 08.24.09 @ 11:30 am

That shawl is so delicate and beautiful!!! You are going to write that pattern out right? A new book coming? 😛

Comment by LDSVenus 08.24.09 @ 6:39 pm

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