Monterey scarf pattern
Saturday July 25th 2009, 12:17 pm
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My friend Cris asked me to post the pattern of the scarf I’d adapted from the Monterey shawl pattern, saying she’s more about the scarves, herself, and I promised I would.

Here’s what you do.  Start with one copy of “Wrapped in Comfort, Knitted Lace Shawls;” turn to page 44, the Monterey Bay Aquarium-inspired shawl.

Yarn: one skein Camelspin by, 300m/100g,  in the bluegreen Topaz colorway; I had 36g left when I was done. (Cris was swooning, “What IS this?! This is SO soft!” Yes, it is, and shimmery, too, knitted up; it’s one of my favorite yarns.)

Needles: I used size 5mm, which in American sizes is an 8. Note that the seaweed pattern spreads out quite a bit less than the jellyfish, making for a warmer, denser area for the neck.

Cast on 39.

Row 1 and all wrong side rows except as noted in the jellyfish: purl.

Rows 2 and 6: as row 6 in the book.

Rows 4 and 8: as row 12 in the book.

row 10–as row 30 in the book, except: when there are three stitches on left needle near the end of the row, pick up the bar between the second and third stitches.  You now have four where there were three.  Use that new stitch while making your ssk that’s in the pattern directions, then knit the last two stitches.

Now that you have the right stitch count for the jellyfish, do four repeats of them in total, going along as written in the book. (The jellyfish are rows 30-37.)

Next: I was going to go straight to the seaweed pattern, but found that without the increase row like the shawl has, you’ll have a set of two trying to match up with a set of three.  It doesn’t work. I went back to doing as rows 2-8 above, which leaves no straight lines and no sense of anything being skewed. That’s the stitch I was using to convey a sense of water bubbles at the edge of the surf.

Then do the seaweed section, which is row 18 in the book. The first time, you’ll need to decrease one stitch to get it back down to a count of 39 to match the new pattern. I did this by ending the row with k2tog, k1; this made it so that the edge didn’t have a jog.

I did 55 repeats of the seaweed row.

Then I did rows 2-8 as noted above.

Then back to the jellyfish. Note that in the finished scarf the jellyfish will hang going in one direction on one side of the body as you wear the scarf and the other way on the other.  This is okay. Fishies swim. It’s one of their charms. Do four sets of jellyfish: don’t forget, for the first row of them, to increase one stitch as you did before near the end of the row.

Now go back and do rows 2-8 as above twice more.

Purl that last row, cast off, run the ends in, and enjoy.

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Thank you! Every time you mention that camel spin I get closer to buying some LOL.

Comment by Diana Troldahl 07.25.09 @ 2:04 pm

Wowee! Thank you!

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 07.25.09 @ 3:14 pm

Thanks, Alison. I’m going to print this out and put it in my copy of your book.

Comment by Joansie 07.25.09 @ 3:31 pm

Thanks Alison!

Comment by Julie 07.25.09 @ 4:35 pm

Thanks bunches!

Comment by TripletMom 07.25.09 @ 4:40 pm

I’m out of my element, so how about something funny:

Paul Newman founded the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp for children stricken with cancer, AIDS and blood diseases.  One afternoon he and his wife, Joanne Woodward, stopped by to have lunch with the kids. A counselor at a nearby table, suspecting the young patients wouldn’t know that Newman was a famous movie star, explained, ‘That’s the man who made this camp possible.  Maybe you’ve seen his picture on his salad dressing bottle?’ Blank stares. ‘Well, you’ve probably seen his face on his lemonade carton.’ An eight-year-old girl perked up.  ‘How long was he missing?’

Comment by Don Meyer 07.25.09 @ 4:59 pm

Thanks so much for the scarf pattern!

Comment by Cissy 07.25.09 @ 6:43 pm

OOOOOoooo, thank you! I am soo glad I have that book!

Comment by Ruth 07.25.09 @ 7:45 pm

This scarf is really pretty. You done good!

Comment by sherry in idaho 07.25.09 @ 8:07 pm

Thank you for sharing. I just need more time to knit. That’s what I need…

Comment by Channon 07.26.09 @ 6:49 am

Lovely! I, too, am printing this out and inserting it into my copy of the book.

Comment by Leslie 07.26.09 @ 1:11 pm

Thank you! I am soooo printing this out!

I wasn’t going to go to Sock Summit, but would you like me to go and see if I can take some pictures for you?

Comment by Nancy MM 07.27.09 @ 3:41 pm


Comment by Alicia 07.28.09 @ 8:45 am

THANKS sweetie! You Rock!

Comment by cris 08.02.09 @ 7:53 am

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