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Tuesday July 21st 2009, 8:04 pm
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This isn’t blocked yet, and the jellyfish will look more like themselves once it is. It is quite a bit longer than it seems here, with the seaweed section providing a more-solid and thereby warmer area for wrapping around the neck in the brisk Monterey Bay breezes.  This is the Monterey shawl lace patterns morphed into a scarf, knitted out of a skein of Camelspin, one of my favorite yarns; it’s softer than quite a few cashmeres and a good one for wearing against the neck.

And just for fun, a good demonstration of why my husband insists that if I indeed get a woodpecker feeder, I’m to keep it as far as I can from the house.  Someone was having problems with their telephone service.  One of the hubby’s co-workers showed him this:

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Hey! What are you doing with my acorns?

Other fun:

Waking Up for Church:
One Sunday morning, a mother went in to wake her son and tell him it was time to get ready for church, to which he replied, “I’m not going.” “Why not?” she asked.
“I’ll give you two good reasons,” he said. “One, they don’t like me, and two, I don’t like them.” His mother replied, “I’ll give you two good reasons why you should go to church. (1) you’re 59 years old, and (2) you’re the pastor!”

Comment by Don Meyer 07.21.09 @ 8:12 pm

I told DH he had to look at your blog today, this time the U-Tube part. “You can skip the knitting stuff” I said.

“What, you think I’m not interested in the knitting?” he replied.

Heh! DH is a “muggle” (non-knitter), but proudly holds the title of “Patron of the Arts”.

He says it was probably a team effort: woodpeckers punching the hole, squirrels storing the acorns.

Comment by Barbara-Kay 07.22.09 @ 4:35 am

Oh My Gosh! That was one busy bunch (herd?) of squirrels!!!

Comment by Debra 07.22.09 @ 5:45 am

Wow. That was impressive! And the scarf is too.

Comment by Channon 07.22.09 @ 6:08 am


The first click on the video said it wasn’t available, try later, and it eventually worked. Just warning your friends in case it doesn’t run first time for them.

Comment by LynnM 07.22.09 @ 8:52 am

Beautiful scarf! I do hope your pattern is saved and will be available in the sometime future.

Acorns, well, you got to stash where you got to stash. 😉

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 07.22.09 @ 9:06 am

That’s crazy man! You must have mutant woodpeckers out there!

Comment by Bev 07.22.09 @ 10:20 am

Hahahha love it. I can’t believe HOW MANY acorns were in there. Whoa! Persistence pays off! (until you interrupt someone’s service and they empty your storage “bin”)

Comment by Alicia 07.22.09 @ 10:46 am

That is too hysterical. And you know some squirrel was watching from a distance, chattering his fool brain off!

Comment by Kristine 07.22.09 @ 11:19 am

Fabulous. It reminds me of the climactic sequence in “The Trouble With Tribbles.”

Comment by Amy S. 07.22.09 @ 12:09 pm

Ooh, loving that scarf! The colors, mmm… 🙂

Comment by Jocelyn 07.22.09 @ 1:23 pm

Passed that one on to my son-in-law whose job it is to build and trouble shoot those types sites.

Comment by Marlene 07.22.09 @ 2:17 pm

Isn’t amazing how animals adapt to technology? I wish some humans I know could do that!

Comment by Robin 07.22.09 @ 2:19 pm

The scarf looks lovely, even un-blocked.
Oscar works in the telephony side of his company, so I sent him the squirrel video LOL

Comment by Diana Troldahl 07.22.09 @ 4:11 pm

I want to know why the guy in the cherry picker isn’t laughing? I know it was surely a pain for him to have to fix this, but how can you not laugh at that?

300 pounds? Nature does not take a day off.


Comment by LynnH 07.23.09 @ 9:44 am

Something a little nutty about that video! Like a nutty squirrel to stash *that much* surplus.

Comment by Karen 07.23.09 @ 5:02 pm

I think you should convert all your patterns into scarf patterns. I’d buy that book. I don’t really like wearing shawls, but I wear scarves much of the time in the winter. Looking forward to making Monterey Bay scarf.

Comment by cris 07.25.09 @ 8:20 am

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