He’s home now
Friday April 17th 2009, 8:22 pm
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Jack came home from Children’s Hospital today. I know because his mother rang my doorbell just before it got dark tonight to come tell me thank you for the koala, the flowers, and for being the friend and neighbor she’d needed.

I reminded her that Susan had made the  koala, and she knew; she said her husband had brought it to the hospital to cheer their son up with last night after I gave it to him.

I made the offer to bring friends from church to help with the packing.  It turns out their moving company, for insurance reasons, requires that they do all of that, but she appreciated the offer.

Her taking the time to think of me and come over, baby in arms, meant the world to me.  His smile did too, most definitely, especially after what he’d just gone through.  I just wish they weren’t moving away!

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No doubt the koala will remind Jack and his family of your community for years for come. Your new neighbors will be lucky to live near such a good friend.

Comment by Barbara Jacksier 04.18.09 @ 5:09 am

Insurance! ARGH! Thank you for letting us know little Jack is better, and the move will go on as planned. I hope another nice family moves in.

Comment by Channon 04.18.09 @ 5:24 am

I think we all could do with a little koala when the going gets tough. I read that Jack got better before I read that Jack was ill. It’s nice to get the happy ending first.

Comment by LynnM 04.18.09 @ 8:33 am

Glad to hear that Jack is doing better, but said that they are moving. Good neighbours are a treat

Comment by Sandra 04.18.09 @ 9:06 am

Never too late for good news.

And for today’s humor, we have the last of the kids’ political comments:

A split ticket is when you don’t like any of them on the ticket so you tear it up.
When they talk about the most promising presidential candidate, they mean the one who can think of the most things to promise.
Elephants and donkeys never fought until politics came along.

Political strategy is when you don’t let people know you have run out of ideas and keep shouting anyway.
A candidate should always renounce his words carefully.

We are learning how to make our election results known quicker and quicker. It is our campaigns we are having trouble getting any shorter.
Universal suffrage means that even the illegible get to vote.

One of the mainest rules of campaigning is you are not allowed to go on a whistle-stop tour without a train.
Speaking of defeat, candidates are told never to.
Campaigns give us a great deal of happiness by their finally ending.

Comment by Don Meyer 04.18.09 @ 9:36 am

That is wonderful news! I know the mom and dad are very relieved. Sorry they are moving. Good neighbors are hard to come by.

Comment by Sonya 04.18.09 @ 9:56 am

Perhaps you’ll be able to stay in touch via e-mail. It would be nice for you to see pics of the little boy as he gets bigger.

Comment by Joansie 04.18.09 @ 10:21 am

I am so happy to hear he is home and doing better! I’m sure he & his parents will always cherish the koala and the love that went into it!

Comment by TripletMom 04.18.09 @ 4:51 pm

Alison, thank you so much for the good news about the little one. I’m so glad they will take with them a good memory of being your neighbor. And yes, wouldn’t it be lovely to get photos of him as he grows.

Comment by sjanova 04.18.09 @ 4:58 pm

I think that Jack and his mother coming by was the equivalent of you going back to see your doctors and nurses. Glad the wee one is back home, even if it will be just for a few more days.

Comment by Margo Lynn 04.19.09 @ 6:05 am

How nice that you followed your heart’s leading and made necessary contact with them, so the seeds of kindness were planted in their hearts, to grow in Ireland!

Comment by Renna 04.21.09 @ 8:42 pm

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