Peninsula Symphony
Saturday March 21st 2009, 11:05 pm
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I should write about this tomorrow when it’s not so late and I’m more coherent, but… I didn’t think I was up to going to hear the Peninsula Symphony play tonight, so I tried to give away the tickets Don had given me.  Didn’t work.  I figured well, then, maybe that means there’s a reason I should go other than the fact that I would certainly enjoy the music.  And Mom, who’s a musician, wanted to go, and I wanted to take good care of her like she’s been taking good care of me.  So hey.  She and I went.

My kids had a band teacher in high school they adored, and it turns out she plays in that symphony.   I managed to snag her afterwards and catch up a little; it was so good to see her.  It’s been way too long. I am so glad I got to go and that nobody else accepted my offer of those tickets!

Which is kind of a different take on it than earlier today, isn’t it?  Good people make everything worthwhile.

And Don? Thank you for those. I pictured Amalie applauding and wished you could have heard it all too.  There was a tuba concerto and a bassoon concerto, and the players were clearly having the time of their lives; bravo!

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Your Don is a wonderful guy (now what was the joke–bottom of the ninth, score was tied and the basses were loaded, or something like that.)

Comment by LynnM 03.22.09 @ 7:43 am

I’m glad you caught up with your friend, especially since you didn’t have to chase her to do it.

When I heard the joke about the bass players really long rest in the ninth symphony, a couple of the bass players drank so much they actually passed out, so that it was the bottom of the ninth, the basses were loaded, and two were out.

Comment by LauraN 03.22.09 @ 7:46 am

Sounds like a lovely treat and a nice gift from Don (whom I’d love to meet some day – those puns are as good as yours – the two of you in the same room must be something else)!

Comment by (formerly) no-blog-rachel 03.22.09 @ 8:04 am

You tried to give away my tickets? Aarrgh! But you did go, and I’m glad that you and your Mom enjoyed it. And that you got to meet your friend.

Rachel, I live in California, as do the Hydes, and I’m about 6 miles from them. Don’t know where you are located. Glad you enjoy the humor.

Lynn, what is the rest of the story, “Did you hear, the leader of the Iroquois Nation died… ”?

Alison, I was looking through your book, and finding the little stories quite interesting. Then I came to page 50, and the Blue Jay story and the bird poop that hit your just dyed yarn. I loved your line, “I’m not guano wear it …” I found that especially funny because my little cockatiel Pepper is out of her cage all day, and manages to poop all over the place — so much so that Amalie nicknamed her Miss Poopsalot.

And you want humor, too? Try this one: A Sunday school teacher asked, “Johnny, do you think Noah did a lot of fishing when he was on the Ark ?”
“No,” replied David. “How could he, with just two worms?”

Comment by Don Meyer 03.22.09 @ 8:56 am

Glad you were able to enjoy the concert!

Comment by Eileen 03.22.09 @ 8:58 am

Glad you were able to go to the concert. Besides being wonderful and seeing an old friend, you have one more for the memory book for time spent with your mom.

I think Don should have a blog also…lol. I enjoy his jokes.

Comment by Joansie 03.22.09 @ 9:12 am

Hey Don, I gave a plausible news lead-in and then finished with your joke– “Squaw bury Shortcake.” A gotcha! Best kind of joke when one isn’t expected. And given all the depressing news stories these days it was nice to change the subject!

Comment by LynnM 03.22.09 @ 9:27 am

I wanted to go to the Symphony here Friday and couldn’t find any one to go with me. should have called you and your mother! It was a guest celloist, a wonderful young man, great talent, beautiful old cello.

Glad you and your mother were able to make it. Another memory to notch up, that the two of you shared.


Comment by Rena 03.22.09 @ 12:08 pm

I’m glad you and your mom got to go enjoy the symphony. My son plays the violin (well not much anymore) and I loved going to the concerts they did at his high school orchastra. Those kids played their hearts out too. 🙂

Comment by LDSVenus 03.22.09 @ 3:53 pm

Oh this one is making me all teary, too! Geez. I LOVE concerts. I am SO happy for you that you got to go, and with your mom. What a treat.
Thank you, Don.

Comment by karin 03.22.09 @ 4:52 pm

I’m so glad you went to the concert. Go, Don!

My oldest LOVED band class, and her teacher was great. That one class means so much in a teen’s life.

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 03.23.09 @ 4:07 am

Glad to hear you had a great time. Yup, there was a reason you couldn’t part with the tickets!

Comment by Alicia 03.23.09 @ 1:15 pm

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