Out of that place (again)
Tuesday February 10th 2009, 7:38 pm
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Clicked those ruby slippers again; dropping the other shoe and going back a third time is simply not an option.  I’m finally home again.  Thank goodness!

Last night was rough and wiped me out, so I didn’t have the cheery energy today of yesterday, just a strong gratitude at being further along in the healing process and able to safely leave.  In yet another moment of hey, look how that worked out!, my surgeon happened to stop by my room when I was supposed to have gone home–but things never happen on time in a hospital.  So.  I was still there.  Long as she was there, she said forget tomorrow’s appointment; she took out the staples on the spot.  Done.  Yay!

Now my big goal is to actually find my unfindable black cashmere yarn that I got at Purlescence and knit it up into a shawl to thank her with.  It’s a color I know by now she’ll love.  I have looked for that yarn time and again for various intentions, thinking this is ridiculous, I thought I knew right where I put it…

…and now that there’s utterly no question in my mind exactly whom I bought it for, it should show right up. Right?  (I hope she hasn’t found my blog yet.  I’m sure she has no time to read it if she did.)

So that’s my next big project.

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Yay — you’re home again, Dorothy! Congrats! Now is probably the best time and you don’t have to go out again tomorrow to have those darn staples removed which would have been exhauting. Better to stay on your couch and rest and knit tomorrow. Hugs, Nancy W.

Comment by Nancy 02.10.09 @ 7:54 pm

Welcome home!


Comment by (formerly) no-blog-rachel 02.10.09 @ 8:01 pm

It will be waiting for you when you have the pep to get on it.
I hope you get a nice day’s rest first. This coming home stuff is happy stuff, but tiring, I bet.

Comment by Diana Troldahl 02.10.09 @ 8:06 pm

Thank Heaven, Home again, for good, we all hope! And eating, we pray. And speaking of eating, here is the humor of the day —

Don’t you know you should be eating from the important four food groups!? Chocolate bars, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate brownies, and chocolate ice cream! Hmmmm…that reminds me. It’s time for my chocolate kiss vitamins!


Comment by Don Meyer 02.10.09 @ 8:22 pm

Glad you’re home, and remember the rule of finding things: Look for something else!

Hope you stay on this end of the rainbow for a while.

Comment by Margo Lynn 02.10.09 @ 8:31 pm

Welcome home again! I suspect that yarn will show up, now that it has been chosen for its person. Happy knitting, and sweet dreams.

Comment by Barbara-Kay 02.10.09 @ 8:32 pm

What a joyous time to be back home. The doctor will absolutely love the shawl. I hope she takes a picture wearing it and shares it with you and the rest of us through your blog.

So indulge in knitting and chocolate. What a great combination!

Comment by Joansie 02.10.09 @ 8:37 pm

Rest/knit/rest/knit/eat some chocolate/rest/knit/rest/knit.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 02.10.09 @ 8:40 pm

Glad you’re home!

Comment by Eileen 02.10.09 @ 8:42 pm

Welcome home (again!)!!!! Amen, amen, and AMEN!

Comment by Lisa 02.10.09 @ 9:30 pm

Home again, home again, jiggity jig! I’m so happy for you. 🙂

Comment by Renna 02.10.09 @ 9:38 pm

Glad you’re home! Now stay there! 😉



Comment by Nancy 02.10.09 @ 10:16 pm

No place like home! Yay Alison!

Comment by Kelli 02.10.09 @ 10:26 pm

Be it ever so humble, so there’s no place like home! Welcome to it, again. 🙂

Comment by Ruth 02.10.09 @ 11:03 pm

Can you stand to knit something you already have started, and wait a day to worry about finding something? You could really wear yourself out looking.

Or follow the great suggestion to look for something else. But wait a day first, OK? The doc does not know you are scheming a gift at this point, there is no deadline.

So happy you’re home. May you stay there for a while…

Hugs and love,

Comment by LynnH 02.10.09 @ 11:51 pm

Yippee! There’s no place like home… so ecstatic and grateful to hear your good news!

Comment by Marguerite 02.11.09 @ 1:22 am

I love Margo’s rule but agree that looking takes energy. How about asking Simpkin to pop down to your LYS to pick up some new twist? Or maybe they’ll deliver in this special case? Anyway, expressing gratitude can wait a bit, and given the speed at which those magic mice of yours work, it won’t have to wait too long once you find your yarn. Glad you’re home, now like the good tailor of Gloucester, rest.

Comment by LynnM 02.11.09 @ 1:41 am

Yihaa! Congratulations on being home and good luck finding that yarn.

Comment by Monica 02.11.09 @ 2:06 am

Iam thinking you need the yarn whisperer Or your hubby to stash dive for you;)I have never knit with cashmere but it sounds like good therapy.Iam so glad your back home:)((((Hugging You))))Darcy & Tom & Girls

Comment by Darcy 02.11.09 @ 2:19 am

Home – the ultimate in comforting words. I am so glad you are there. Hugs.

Comment by dianna rubidge 02.11.09 @ 4:41 am


Time to be selfish…do what you feel up to doing…and only that…you’ve earned it…you also have earned the naps and sleep if that happens to be a bit too much for your healing body…but feeding your mind is important now too!

Comment by Betsy 02.11.09 @ 5:00 am

Welcome Home!!! Heres hoping its for good this time LOL! Seriously, I am so glad you are feeling better and that the setback was a minor (relatively) one. I cant wait to see the Thank You shawl you will make for the Surgeon she so deserves it for saving your life 🙂 ((Hugs))

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 02.11.09 @ 5:27 am

so glad you are home. Prayers for a speedy recovery.You helped me so much when John died. You were my inspiration then and still are. Hugs. Pat

Comment by pat flores 02.11.09 @ 5:31 am

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home… The black cashmere will show up all on its own. It has somewhere to go, now!

Still praying!

Comment by Pegi 02.11.09 @ 6:05 am

I am so very glad you’re back home, sans the hardware in and on your stomach.
Please keep taking it easy and take lots of naps.

Comment by karin 02.11.09 @ 6:25 am

So glad you’re home again. I’m glad you’re updating us!

Comment by Amanda 02.11.09 @ 6:34 am

I am very happy that you are home. Take it easy so you can stay home. Give the yarn a little time, it will magically appear.

Comment by sonya 02.11.09 @ 6:36 am

Have you tried just calling the yarn. Yarn seems to come when you call–at least if it’s the right yarn. And please don’t overdo it. We’re all thanking the Lord that you are feeling so much better–don’t make things difficult for Him.

Comment by LauraN 02.11.09 @ 6:57 am

Ha! I could sent you Gretchen… she’s crazy for cashmere. Glad you’re back home again!

Comment by Channon 02.11.09 @ 7:02 am

Congrats on being home again 🙂 Hope you get to stay there a while and knit that lovely, lovely shawl. *hugs & love & light*

Comment by Amy 02.11.09 @ 7:25 am

I’m so glad you’re home and feeling a bit better. And isn’t staple removal worse in the anticipation? It is for me. It’s just the idea of it, I think. So I’m glad you got that over with too, and don’t have to go in just for that!

Comment by amy 02.11.09 @ 7:38 am

So glad you’re home again!
May the healing stay steady and strong.
And may the yarn emerge from its hiding place…

Comment by Helen 02.11.09 @ 7:53 am

Congrats on bein’ home, again! I do hope you find the black yarn. I’m knitting with black today, too, …silkiest merino ever.

p.s. I bet you’ll find the yarn when it’s good ‘n ready to get found. 😉

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 02.11.09 @ 8:24 am

given that black cashmere isn’t the hardest thing to think about… *grin* – have you tried just finding memories about buying it and bringing it home to see if it will lead you through to where it was put? if nothing else memories are good things to keep, and keeping them is exercise for your brain – possibly giving your body a little rest while you do it!

I miss you!


Comment by Mary 02.11.09 @ 9:22 am

I’m sure I’m echoing others when I point out that actually, your next big project is to HEAL so that you will then be up to knitting that cashmere when it finally makes its appearance. Glad you’re on the mend again!

Comment by shadylady1216 02.11.09 @ 9:29 am

Welcome home again.

And I’m willing to deliver any yarn from the Girls if you need it.

Comment by Mari 02.11.09 @ 9:35 am

Glad you are back home, unstapled, and with your next project in mind! Take it easy. You may find yourself full after a few bites–your tummy has to re-expand after being empty for so long!

May your recovery be blessed!

Comment by Karen 02.11.09 @ 9:46 am

Welcome back home! Sending prayers your way so you remain on this side of the rainbow as well. Funny how the sun came through the clouds as I type this!

Please be good to yourself first and foremost! I know knitting is good for you, but don’t loose all your progress looking for yarn. Besides, like someone else mentionned, she has no idea it’s coming her way so…….. *wink*

Comment by Suzanne 02.11.09 @ 10:16 am

YAY! I’m sure the yarn will turn up. Good thing you only have two shoes, so that only makes two trips 😉 ::hugs::

Comment by Alicia 02.11.09 @ 10:43 am

So glad you’re home and feeling better. Take things easy – I’ll bet that black yarn is hiding until it’s sure you’re up for the challenge! LOL

Take care.

Comment by AmyS 02.11.09 @ 12:30 pm

Welcome home! Hooray for the energy to knit (and for no staples) 🙂 Take care of yourself and take it easy.

Comment by Jocelyn 02.11.09 @ 1:38 pm

So pleased you are home! And, of course that cashmere is going to jump right out at you. take care of yourself.

Comment by Vicki 02.11.09 @ 1:53 pm

I’m so glad you’re home again and thinking of knitting yet another shawl. You’re unstoppable! You’ve probably found the cashmere already, but if not, just have Richard go buy some more and, poof! The other will appear. This always happens to me.

Love ya!

Comment by Greta 02.11.09 @ 2:07 pm

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