February amaryllises (so far)
Tuesday February 17th 2009, 5:33 pm
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appleblossom amaryllis from RenaI need to work on those leg muscles a little more. I got down to snap these photos and couldn’t get back up off the floor by myself, which surprised me.  I keep thinking I’m more recovered than that.  I finally scooted over to a chair and table in the kitchen and pulled myself up–while reminding myself I couldn’t have done that at all before.  One week ago was the day I came home, and I had to have help even getting up out of a chair most of the time, much less climbing up into one.  Where my rear landed on the bed was where it was going to be for the night, with me having to lift my legs over and up with my arms.  I don’t have to do that now.  Every day there’s a little more progress made, and the “hey I can DO that now!” realizations that keep coming are very cheering.

from my father

I needed to take these photos. The soft appleblossom is a gift from Rena, my knitswap pal; the deep red, a gift from my father.  Thank you, Dad! Thank you, Rena!

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Wow! A week home and doing amarallysis exercises! Cool. Now, you can put a couple of skeins of yarn in a plastic bag, hang one off of each ankle, and do some lifts from the floor to the height that is comfortable! That should help get your legs stronger — just add an additional skein or two every day! Don’t put any of those chocolate bars in the bags unless you want to break them up when your feet fall back to the ground! Love and hugs, Nancy W.

Comment by Nancy 02.17.09 @ 5:38 pm

My husband and I’s motto is “Forever forward, even if only in baby steps.”

You can borrow it. *wink*

Congratulations on the progress! Still sending prayers of continued improvement and of thanks for all that you have received so far from all over the world!

Comment by Suzanne 02.17.09 @ 6:08 pm


Comment by Sherry in Idaho 02.17.09 @ 7:13 pm

first those flowers are spectacular but the red one really grabbed me — second – to give you a giggle – I can’t get off the floor without going thru that and I didn’t have surgery — but really you are progressing so well – just keep those victories in mind – they all count!

Comment by rho1640 02.17.09 @ 7:33 pm

Those area gorgeous flowers. Just be careful getting up and down. We want you to take is slow, no marathons for you. 🙂

Comment by sonya 02.17.09 @ 7:43 pm

How well I remember having trouble doing the smallest things after my kidney surgery. Stuff I didn’t even think about and then couldn’t do or hurt way more afterwards than I’d thought. Driving. Errands (grocery shopping was the worst!). Going down the stairs. Sometimes I turtled in bed–got on my back in the wrong position and couldn’t move to get up. That was very frustrating.

Thing is, I’m doing loads and loads better. I’m pretty much out of the woods entirely. That day will come for you, too. I just know it.

Comment by Carina 02.17.09 @ 8:08 pm

Well, I can’t get up off the floor, either, so don’t think you have an exclusive! But you are getting better! And better! We’re all rooting for you, as you must know.

Now, Alison, this humor is for you. But don’t be surprised if you find someone(s) peaking over your shoulder:
There’s the story of the fellow who owned an old grandfather’s clock. He noticed one day that it did not seem to be operating properly, so he set about searching for a place to have it repaired. He finally discovered a little old German watchmaker who said he could repair grandfather clocks. So the fellow hauled the clock to the little old watchmaker, who asked the fellow, “zo, vot seems to be the matter?” “Well, the clock used to go ‘tick, tock, tick, tock’, but now it only goes ‘tick, tick, tick, tick’ “. “I zee,” said the watchmaker, whereupon he pulled a small stool directly in front of the clock, stood up on it so that his face was opposite the clock face, and said, “Ve haf vays to make you tock!”

Comment by Don Meyer 02.17.09 @ 8:14 pm

The flowers are gorgeous! But I like even better hearing about how well you’re doing 🙂

Comment by Jocelyn 02.17.09 @ 8:20 pm

We have some tulips in the living room, it helps keep hope alive for Spring.

Comment by Diana Troldahl 02.17.09 @ 8:36 pm

Beautiful flowers! I just love Amaryllis. They feel like the first harbingers of my beloved lilies, who don’t appear until June. Thanks for the peek! And thanks to Don for his joke — made me laugh out loud!

Praying as always —

Comment by Pegi 02.17.09 @ 9:27 pm

I opened the front door one morning to get the newspaper, kicked it a foot at a time over the doorstep, across the front hall and over to the couch, where I could sit, then lean over and pick it up. I looked up to see daughter Carole looking at me funny, and said, “Some mornings are like that, I can’t bend over right now, and if I stoop down I won’t be able to get up.” She hadn’t been on hand to observe the beginning of my day for a while. Isn’t it nice to know that your ability will increase? We’re all rooting for you. Love you lots. Marian

Comment by Marian 02.17.09 @ 9:43 pm

It’s a good thing your reputation is impeccable, or people would be talking about you down on the floor with the gardener! LOL!

I applaud your progress. Yippee!

Comment by Barbara-Kay 02.17.09 @ 9:53 pm

The blooms are breathtaking; and I’m so happy to hear that your recovery is going so well. 🙂

Comment by Renna 02.17.09 @ 10:24 pm

Hah…I thought I recognized the Apple Blossom! Try to remember that your strength did not ebb in a day nor a week, and will take time to come back, too. Take it easy, so nothing gets between you and Stitches…I’m so excited!

Comment by Ruth 02.17.09 @ 11:54 pm

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady. Fits.

Comment by AmyS 02.18.09 @ 1:29 am

Just beautiful! I love those pictures…click for big everybody. 🙂
Can’t get up off the floor…describes half the nation!

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 02.18.09 @ 5:24 am

Beautiful Flowers 🙂
It is so nice to know you are on the road to recovery!

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 02.18.09 @ 5:41 am

The flowers are beautiful. They always make such a statement.

It’s great that you are realizing the progress that you are making. Each day will get better.

Comment by Joansie 02.18.09 @ 5:44 am

Pace yourself. Be as patient and gentle with yourself as you would one of us. And look at those lovely flower faces smiling back at you!

Comment by Channon 02.18.09 @ 7:22 am

The appleblossom has such a gentle beauty but the red one is a real attention grabber. So much variety in your collection!

Comment by LynnM 02.18.09 @ 8:38 am

Allison, you can ask my mum for verification on this one. In college, when my lupus was so painful, I had a hard time bending over, or squatting. When I got Tora-chan, she was a little tiny kitten; she fit in the palm of my hand. Bending all the way to pick her up from the ground was more than I could face. So I trained her to climb my pant legs to about hip level, and then I could just scoop her up. 🙂

This worked great until I got her home. You see, she couldn’t compute, in her teeny kitty brain, that not every human wished her to climb them that way. She would wait until my dad was bending over the sink, brushing his teeth, and then she’d LEAP onto his back, claws out. 🙂 Took awhie to unlearn that habit.

Comment by Serena 02.18.09 @ 9:07 am

Who’d a thunk amaryllis would be good for exercising? Nice flowers too!

Comment by Carol 02.18.09 @ 10:03 am

Don’t overdo it. Seriously.

After 8 weeks of recovery for torn chest muscles, digging through boxes in the garage set me back, healing-wise.

So, seriously, take it easy so you’re in fighting shape for Stitches!

Comment by Jasmin 02.18.09 @ 10:15 am

They are beautiful! It is wonderful that you are making progress all the time.

Comment by Vicki 02.18.09 @ 1:24 pm

As long as you keep your cell phone close enough to call the cavalry if you need it. But be careful. I want to see you at Stitches. 😉

Beautiful flowers to match their owner.

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 02.18.09 @ 1:50 pm

Yes, this cheered me right up!

Comment by Momo Fali 02.18.09 @ 2:08 pm


Comment by Amy 02.18.09 @ 2:46 pm

Glad to see the amaryllis are blooming – even with out you being there to cheer them on! And even more glad that you are doing well enough to get out and check on them. Keep on keeping on with the baby steps – just keep the cell phone in the pocket for when you can’t get up…..


Comment by Rena 02.18.09 @ 6:45 pm

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